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Acne Breakouts: The How, When, What

It is a myth that acne breakouts occur only during the teens, it can in fact occur in any age. Adult acne  is a very common phenomenon. Acne can ruin self confidence, cause annoyance, irritation and also scar a face permanently. There are various types of acne and they also vary in their severity. What is more frustrating is the fact that whatever you do, whatever medications you try, the acne always seems to make a comeback even after it had disappeared for the time being. But it is in fact possible to completely cure the acne, but first let us talk a little about the cause of acne breakouts.

Acne breakouts are caused by three specific factors:

·         Hormonal Imbalance - If there is a hormonal imbalance in the system then due to miscommunication through the hormones, the sebum glands instead of producing just the right amount of oil start producing sebum or natural oil excessively.

·         Toxic Buildup - Due to the improper functioning of the excretion organs the toxic substances start accumulating in our system.

·         A particular genetic sensitivity of the sebum glands towards the hormonal imbalance. If the genetic sensitivity is present then only the sebum glands react in a particular way to the hormonal imbalance and as a result start producing excess sebum or oil.

Read about some acne blemish treatments:

Acne breakouts can cause scars and blemishes that can ruin your looks sometimes permanently. So let us learn some tips that can help get rid of the scars at least to some extent. These remedies will help you get rid of the blemishes that can be caused by acne.

·         Work on a paste of water and fenugreek leaves and then put this on your face for ten - fifteen minutes at night. Wash it off with water.

·         Another paste can be made with turmeric powder and mint juice that can be put on the acne. Leave the paste on the affected areas for 10 to 15 minutes and then you can use lukewarm water to wash it off.

·         Take a lemon and extract the fresh juice. Then mix it up with rose water of equal amount. Apply it to the face and leave it for half an hour, after that wash it with water. Make sure you put this paste at night time. And if you use it at day time don't go out immediately in the sun after putting this mask. And if you do so make sure you put on a liberal application of sunscreen. This will not only cure the scars, it'll also cure the acne.

But the best way to cure acne  is to cure them internally; to take care of the internal deep rooted factors that actually lead to acne. And the best approach is to adopt the holistic approach that unlike the conventional medications addresses the internal causes and not the symptoms. It will not only cure your existing acne but also prevent future acne breakouts.

Acne Breakouts

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Acne Breakouts

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