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Acne Cream Treatment:
Is It REALLY Effective?

Acne cream treatment is considered to be convenient, easy to use and also very cost effective in comparison to other conventional treatments for acne like antibiotics. Acne cream  works best when it is used on the earlier stages of acne, when the tissue surrounding the bump hasn't yet been destroyed. But you can also use acne cream over mature pimples, cysts, though the results might take time, they will be positive.

Acne Cream Treatment:

You need to apply the acne cream twice a day for a few months. The cream reduces the size of the pores and the antibacterial agents contained in the cream kills the acne bacteria. The acne creams also contains skin rejuvenating elements that help the skin to rejuvenate itself and hence looks younger and beautiful. The acne cream treatment works as the acne cream heals the injured skin and killing the acne bacteria and thus curing the acne. The acne cream not only kills the acne bacteria, but it also destroys various other fungal infections that can affect skin.

One very positive element about the acne cream treatment is the presence of biological enzymes and peptides in the acne cream. These not only help in rejuvenating the skin but they also help in reducing the acne scars and blemishes . The cream is also rich in "Serum" that helps protect the skin against the damaging UV rays of the sun. This "serum" also protects the skin against pollutants, microorganism and sun burns.

Is Cream Treatment Effective Beyond Blemishes?

Thus we understand that the acne cream treatment is effective for acne. But that is not the entire story. The negative side is that the effect of acne cream treatment is very short lived. Actually, the factors that cause acne are not just skin deep - they go much deeper than the skin and just an application of a cream on the affected area cannot cure the acne. At best, they can cure the symptoms - but the main causes of acne remain. Here are the root causes of acne that needs to be dealt with:

·         Hormonal Imbalance.

·         Accumulation of toxins in the body.

·         A particular genetic sensitivity of the sebum glands towards the hormonal balance.

Thus, you can understand that you cannot cure your acne permanently by just applying an acne cream. You need to neutralize the internal factors that are causing acne. Otherwise, it will just not go away and your dream of getting that clear skin might never become a reality. The only permanent solution to acne is the holistic approach that addresses the underlying causes of acne and eliminates them completely. Now here's the reality - acne cream treatments cannot guarantee 100% cure and prevention. On the other hand, with holistic remedies, you can completely and permanently get rid of your acne  and also prevent them from occurring again.

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