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Acne Cyst Treatment: The ONLY Acne Cyst Treatment That WORKED

Acne cyst or cystic acne can be quite painful that often leaves a scar. When a cyst or a sac forms in the lower layer of the skin containing fluids or pus, it becomes inflamed, forming lesions. This occurs when the contents of a clogged pore oozes into the dermis, producing major immune response (localized). Acne cyst treatment usually comprises antibiotic therapy but when this fails, retinoid Isotretinoin is often prescribed by dermatologists as specific cure. Brand named Accutane, it is an oral drug that is normally taken once or twice a day, depending on the severity of the case. Acne cyst treatment takes a fairly longer time, often extending to 14 or 20 continuous weeks before any marked improvement is noticed. And the fact is that, the use of such drugs often causes side effects as well. So what do you do? We shall see later.

Accutane Side Effects:

Although Accutane is used in acne cyst treatment, dermatologists sometimes feel diffident about prescribing the drug because of its far reaching side effects. Apart from symptoms of acute depression, the side effects also include loss of concentration, aversion to food, dryness of the mouth, nose, lips and the skin as also irritation in the eyes. Sometimes it also affects night vision, turning night driving rather hazardous, nose-bleeding and atypical sensitivity to sunlight. What is more, with some patients, there are unusual changes occurring in the blood picture (marked increase in triglycerides and cholesterol) and alteration of liver functions.

In case of women taking Accutane, the drug may cause pre-natal defect in the fetus of a pregnant female. It is not recommended for women who are already pregnant or are in the process of getting pregnant.

Find Out About Best Acne Treatments:

The best course of acne cyst treatment involves a holistic pattern of therapy that reaches the root of the disease, providing a cure by treating this multi-dimensional malaise by reacting with each causative factor (this is important because acne is quite complicated and it can be caused due to many causes). Besides, it has no side effects. The word "holistic" is consequential to "whole" where the entire persona of the patient is taken into account instead of his or her individual symptom or symptoms. This obviously includes the person's body and psyche as also his or her lifestyle which may need changes to create a suitable treatment environ. This method of treatment therefore, proves more realistic as well as effective since it does not address itself to curing the symptoms but aims at curing the person wholly.

For example, one of the primary causes of acneformation involves misbalanced hormone that cannot control over production of sebum (oil) under the skin. While conventional treatment addresses at resettling the hormonal balance by temporarily clearing the clogged pores, holistic treatment restores the imbalance by activating the body's normal cleansing agents like the kidneys, liver, colon, lungs and the skin. As soon as the toxic debris accumulated within the blood and lymphatic glands are purged out of the system through these organs and the used up hormones are expelled, the hormones start acting normally, inducing the sebum glands to produce only that much sebum that is required to keep the skin healthy. Holistic acne cyst treatment therefore is the only effective method of treatment.

Acne Cyst Treatment

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Acne Cyst Treatment

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