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Acne Dermatology Treatment -
Is There Any Truth?

Acne is a skin ailment that can affect just anyone from teenagers to adults. It is a myth that acne is a skin condition affecting only adolescents, the truth is, it can affect just anyone. Acne does not only ruin the skin but it can also damage the self confidence and esteem of the person who has these growths. You might have heard about the acne dermatology treatment - can it offer the remedy you need? Let us find out here.

Acne is of various types, like pimples, cysts, blackheads, white heads  etc. They can be of varying levels of severity too. There are the three factors that cause them.

         Hormonal Imbalance.

         Toxic build up.

         A particular genetic sensitivity of the sebum glands towards the hormonal imbalance.

Effective Acne Treatments:

There are various treatments that are available in the market that help cure acne. But mind it - not all of them will be that effective.

There are various acne products  available in the market and on the internet. And though acne is not a life threatening condition, it can sometimes cause irreparable damage not only to the skin but also on the psychological level. There are various types of acne that might require a dermatologist's help, like in the case of cystic acne.

Treatment of Cystic Acne

Acne dermatology treatment involves various steps. The dermatologist in your first appointment asks for a health history. He might conduct a physical assessment to understand your overall health condition. He might conduct various blood tests to understand the medical causes of your acne. He might suggest a cleansing routine involving medical antibacterial soap, creams or lotions, and depending on the severity, the dermatologist might put you on antibiotics. The fact is, mild to moderate acne do benefit from dermatologist's treatment, but since such dermatology treatment cannot reach the root causes of the problem, the acne comes back in most cases.

Of all the acne dermatology treatments, the most controversial is Accutane . It can cause birth defects and even suicidal thoughts. So make sure your dermatologist tells you everything that you are getting in for. Don't blindly follow what your doctor says, many dermatologists don't even tell the patients about the side effects involved. So make sure to find out more.

Though acne dermatology treatment can give a respite for a few months, it cannot cure your acne permanently. Neither by applying creams on the affected area nor by killing the acne bacteria by taking antibiotics can you cure your acne completely. You need to actually neutralize the internal factors that are causing your acne, and only then will you be able to cure the existing acne and prevent future break outs. Otherwise the acne will keep coming back to haunt you. The only permanent solution to acne is the holistic approach that addresses the underlying causes of acne and eliminates them completely.

Acne Dermatology Treatment

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Acne Dermatology Treatment

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