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Acne Home Remedies

Acne home remedies:

You are about to go for a party when you suddenly notice ungainly acne on your skin. However, rather than panicking you choose to take help from acne home remedy treatment along with plenty of make up to try and fix the problem. This situation is very common. In fact, many people use home remedies in order to treat acne. Unfortunately, even the best home remedy fails to do the required when it comes to curing acne. Hence, before reaching for that complicated potion, take some important factors into consideration.

Causes of acne:

In order to eliminate this skin condition, you have to address the internal factors of acne. Acne is caused due to hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance leads to an excess production of sebum from the oil glands. This excess sebum then combines with dead skin and toxins to form acne. Acne is also caused due to toxic build up. Toxins which enter our body through different sources get stored in blood lymph and tissues. The excess toxins then combine with the excess of sebum to give rise to acne. The most important factor of this skin problem is however the genetic sensitivity of sebum glands to hormonal imbalance. This genetic sensitivity prompts the production of excess sebum and toxic build up. Hence, some people tend to be vulnerable to acne because of this genetic sensitivity.

Acne home remedies are unable to fix these internal factors and are therefore not able to give you the desired freedom from this skin problem. However as many people don't understand the internal factors of acne, they continue to make use of home remedies to no avail.

Popular home remedies:

There are many different types of home remedies. A few of the popular ones include the following.

1. Olive leaf extracts: Olive leaf extracts can be obtained from olive trees. This herbal extract is a powerful antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral product. Hence, it can kill acne bacteria to provide temporary relief. However, olive leaf extracts give rise to side effects like fatigue, headaches and diarrhea and more. Hence, the extracts should be used sparingly.

2. Face packs: Face packs which contain ingredients like sandalwood, rosewater, yogurt and vinegar can also be used to sooth acne and relive its symptoms. These emergency face packs cause no side effects if they are made at home. However, they work only to clean the skin and nothing more. Hence, they cannot cure.

3. Aloe vera: Aloe vera is also a powerful home remedy which can clean up your skin if it is used regularly. Aloe vera can be applied on the skin and the gel can be taken externally as well. However, if you discard the use of Aloe Vera, acne can resurface with vengeance.

Besides the above, many people also use egg whites, eucalyptus leaves extracts, steaming and cleaning procedure, lavender water and other tricky concoctions to control acne. However, before you try any home remedy, you should also take into consideration the disadvantages of home remedies.

Disadvantages of home remedies:

There are certain disadvantages of home remedies. To begin with, home remedies work only for a short duration of time as they target the symptoms and not the root cause of acne. Some home remedies which call for the use of toothpaste, egg whites and other herbs and spices are not based on any scientific principles of healing and are completely ineffective. As acne is a complex condition, one-dimensional home remedies don't stand a chance to eliminate this problem. For eliminating acne you have to make use of multidimensional and an intelligent treatment approach provided only by the Holistic approach. Holistic approach eliminates the root cause of acne enabling it to cure even severe forms of acne effectively. Practitioners in this field also help patients to incorporate many changes in their life, which not only aid in the treatment of acne, but also improve the general health and well being of the individual. Therefore, curing acne goes beyond the reach of acne home remedies. In fact, acne can be cured only with the help of natural and safe Holistic approach.

Acne Home Remedies

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Acne Home Remedies

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