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With the help of homemade ingredients, you can keep your skin healthy and glowing. Using natural products is always a better option as they don't have any side effects and also they are not as expensive as their chemical counterparts. There are many acne homemade masksthat you can yourself make and enjoy its benefit. But do keep in mind that these masks give just a temporary relief from your acne. They do not solve the actual cause. So no matter how many times you put on these healthy masks, you cannot completely get rid of the acne, though the symptoms may go away.

Let us now learn about a few acne homemade masks that might prove helpful to you:

Clay Mask: Acne Homemade Treatments

Clay mask is very good for your skin if you suffer from acne. You can use basic fuller's earth clay and honey and water. Mix two parts water with one part clay and the honey. If the paste seems too dry, add some more water to it. You can also use few drops of your favorite oil or cream, but when the skin is acne prone, it is better to go with water. Apply it evenly on your face and keep it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it off with a steaming soft cloth, but make sure that the cloth is not too hot. Pat the face to dry it. This face mask is very good for acne prone skin.

Natural Acne Treatments: Juice Mask

Natural juice contains natural astringents which help the acne prone skin a lot. Take one cup strawberry, two egg whites, three tsp honey, and one tsp lemon juice. Mash the strawberries and the egg whites and then blend them in with the juice. If you wish you can use a few drops of your favorite essential oil, but that is optional. Apply it evenly on your face and keep it for ten minutes then rinse it off with water.

These two homemade masks when used regularly will benefit your skin a lot. But as mentioned earlier, these masks can't cure your acne. In fact it is just not possible to cure acne by simply applying some cream or gel locally. Remember, there are three serious factors that cause acne.

Acne mainly occurs when there is an imbalance of hormones in the human body, and when this happens the sebum gland produces excess oil. The levels of toxic materials also build up within the human body but they should be expelled. However in some cases this does not happen and when the sebum mixes with them, the situation becomes ripe for bacteria to flourish and lead to acne.

And so, it is better not to depend on the acne homemade mask and other such remedies too much. The only way you can completely cure your acne is by adopting the holistic approach. The holistic approach unlike the conventional methods addresses the root causes of acne and clears them away completely. This approach is so successful because the body is treated as a whole here. The holistic approach makes sure that not only do you get rid of your present acne but you also get rid of your blemishes and marks and it also makes sure that the acne does not return again.

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