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Acne Light Treatment: A Breakthrough?

It is generally believed that acne is a problem that afflicts teenagers and as the years go by the problem disappears on its own, but if you are suffering from acne still though you have crossed your teen years long back, you know that this is nothing but a myth. There are teen acne and adult acne as well. There are various types of acne and of varying degrees of severity. One very new acne treatment is acne cure with light. In this particular mode of acne cure laser and light therapies are used to cure acne. Let us know more about the acne light treatment here.

Though it still requires lots of research and data to fully establish the fact about the success rate of light therapies, but this much has already been established that the light therapy for acne has been effective on many people and it does not require any other medication. The acne light therapy has been found to diminish acne in many cases.

What is Acne Light Treatment?

The light therapy does not cause any UV radiation and hence does not cause any danger to the skin. But still it does cause a few side effects, such as, temporary changes in pigmentation, inflammation of the affected areas and dryness of skin. It has been found that cases of acne vulgaris that have not responded to other convention modes of acne treatments has responded positively to light therapy of acne. But the light therapy does not work with cystic acne .

But, though the light therapy for acne has proved effective but it does not provide a permanent and complete solution. Acne is a complicated condition and the contributing causes are also many such as hormonal imbalance, excess toxins within the body and overproduction of oil by the sebum gland.

The reason why light works on acne is that it kills the acne bacteria and also stops the sebum glands from excreting extra oil. But as you see that does not solve the complete problem. The excess oil and toxins create an environment favoring the acne bacteria. And if you have hormonal imbalance and your genes have the particular sensitivity then whatever you do your sebum glands will produce excess oil. So the acne light therapy may work for the time being it is not the permanent solution.

How to REALLY Clear Acne

The only complete and permanent solution is the holistic approach towards acne. It takes care of all the three factors and neutralizes the internal environment completely that can lead to acne. Thus though you can use light to diminish your acne for the time being, but they will definitely come back and the only way to completely get rid of them is the holistic approach.

Acne light

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