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Acne Steroids Can WORSEN
Your Acne: Here's Why

Acne steroids are a kind of acne treatment that help in dealing with and getting rid of the unpleasant swelling and inflammation that occurs due to acne. It is a good way of being able to protect yourself from the big red acne on your face ruining your perfect day. Many people opt for the steroids to solve their acne problems. But do these steroids actually solve the problem? Let's know about them in detail.

Do Steriods Really Help Acne?

Acne steroids do help in getting rid of the swelling, the redness of the skin and inflammation that goes hand in hand with acne, but they do not help in curing the actual cause. Acne steroids thus offer a temporary respite but they do not lead to a permanent solution. In fact the side effects that accompany these steroids definitely far outnumber the benefits. So it is better to avoid them.

These steroids only address the symptoms of the condition i.e. the redness and swelling, and do nothing to address the actual underlying causes of acne(which can be many). And what's more, taking these steroids over the long run can cause serious damage to the body.

What Causes Acne:

1) Hormonal Imbalance - At some stages in our life the internal sebum gland may overproduce hormones and this leads to an excess of the natural oils.

Toxic Buildup - With our lifestyle and all that junk food out there, the levels of toxins we have in the body is bound to be high and when the body cannot get it out it becomes bad news.

The excess sebum may get mixed up with the toxins in the blood and the lymph and this becomes the ideal situation for the bacteria to flourish and lead to the formation of acne

Thus we can come to the conclusion that acne steroids do nothing to counteract the actual causes of acne. Yes the symptoms may seem to be going, but the root causes remain and so, the acne may come back anytime. Also do consider their side effects such as a weakened liver. The liver is one of the main organs that help rid the body of toxins, and when it fails to function properly, the toxins start building up, and this again leads to the formation of acne. These excess toxins also end up worsening the already existing acne condition.

Acne steroids or other conventional medications only address the symptoms and do not try to get to the root cause. In fact, killing the acne bacteria is also not the solution because the problem lies underneath. The perfect solution can be achieved through the holistic approach. By adopting the holistic approach it is possible to fix the actual cause of the acne and also maintain a healthy lifestyle that will help you not only get rid of your existing acne, but also prevent them from recurring again. The holistic approach in fact is the only solution to the perfect clear and flawless skin.

Acne Steroids

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