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Does Acne Treatment With Benzoyl Peroxide Help?

Benzoyl Peroxide's effectiveness in treating acne was first developed by Jack Breibart of the Revlon Laboratories way back in 1920. This powerful radical initiator have since been widely used in treating acne to millions of acne sufferers till more suitable medications were made available later. Even then, Benzoyle Peroxide is widely used in many over-the-counter formulations like Clearsil, Proactive, etc. As an inexpensive form of treatment, it may be found in name brands as well as in several generic forms. Nevertheless, all Benzoyle Peroxide products work similarly while people affected by acne usually turn to it as the first therapeutic choice. How does the acne treatment Benzoyle Peroxide work? Let us now find it out.

What makes Benzoyle Peroxide Effective?

Benzoyle Peroxide treats acne in the most dramatic way. Since the bacteria that cause acne (Propionibacteria acnes) or P.acnes cannot live or thrive in oxygen-rich environment, Benzoyle Peroxide kills them by introducing oxygen within the pores. And with the drastic reduction of the causative bacteria within the dermis, the number of breakouts on the skin automatically gets reduced.

Yet another factor that is responsible for making the medication useful is its power to rid the follicle of the numerous dead skin cells that block the pores. Once cleared of their cellular debris, the pores become free of comedons, preventing formation of acne .

The therapeutic effect of acne treatment Benzoyle Peroxide has to be sustained even after acne clears up for the simple reason that abrupt withdrawn of the medication will trigger further generation of the bacterium population, causing acne to flare up again. Of course, the dermatologist may advise the period for which it should be continued.

Though Benzoyl Peroxide is considered to be an effective treatment for acne , its application on the skin needs some care and consideration. It should be started at lower strength, say 2.5% solution and then increased to higher strength for the skin to become acclimated to it as otherwise it may cause severe irritation and even burning. Studies have nevertheless shown that this radical initiator works best at lower strength over longer periods of time than when applied in higher percentages for shorter periods. Of course, one may move up to elevated strengths if the usual 2.5% solution does not prove effective.

How to use Benzoyle Peroxide?

As for topical use, it should be applied evenly all over the affected area in the form of a thin layer when the skin has been thoroughly cleaned and made totally dry. One or two application per day is enough to obtain the desired result. Care may also be taken to apply the solution to skin immediately beyond the actual area of the skin affected by acne as it will also react with the hidden bacteria that is likely to give rise to more pimples.

Benzoyle Peroxide does have a few side effects that include aridness and flaking and in extreme cases, redness and burning.

All things considered, acne treatment Benzoyle Peroxide may not be the best solution. You may seriously want to consider opting for holistic remedies that offer a safe and effective cure. The causes of acne are internal and there are many - holistic remedies treats the body as a whole and eradicates all the contributing factors. That is why, holistic remedies are able to offer a permanent cure from acne.

Acne Treatment Benzoyl Peroxide

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