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What Is The Most Effective Acne Treatment During Pregnancy?

Women would be heaving a sigh of relief once they cross their teen years, thinking that they would not be plagued by acne any more. But here's the bad news. More than half the womenfolk in this world have experienced the tribulations of acne even in their adult years, and the problem is even more common amongst women who are pregnant. And that is why acne treatment during pregnancy becomes such a serious issue.

Acne and Hormones:

Acne appears on teenagers and pregnant women due to the same basic cause - a change in the hormone levels. But acne is not that simple - in fact it can be quite complicated as the causes are more than one. The first three months of pregnancy are the worst because that is when the acne outburst is at its peak because of the increase in hormones, which causes the sebum glands to overproduce oil thus blocking the pores. Doctors opine that women who were plagued by this condition during their pubescent years are more likely to get affected during their pregnancy as well. However, as the estrogen levels rise with the progress of the pregnancy, the acne outbreak tends to lessen.

The reason why pregnant women are susceptible to acne attacks is because the body undergoes a lot of change during that time making the skin more sensitive than normal but they must remember that the outbreak will subside on its own after they deliver their child. But to maintain your skin in as good a shape as possible even during pregnancy, follow the regimen we suggest below:

·         Wash your face twice or thrice a day.

·         Maintain the right water balance in your body by drinking plenty of water.

·         Pimples should not be popped or picked as that would cause bacteria to spread.

·         To keep your skin healthy, try sleeping longer than you usually do.

Best Acne Treatment During Pregnancy:

While this might not be the best acne treatment during pregnancy, but the issue can nevertheless be kept under control if you are following them. Doctors ask pregnant women to try and live with their acne as it would disappear anyway after delivery. It is not at all advisable to use over the counter acne creams because they can harm the fetus even if used a month prior to the mother conceiving. The reason is that the cream is absorbed by the skin and passes through to the baby's blood stream causing toxicity in the newborn which may lead to physical abnormalities.

In view of what we have told you, we are sure you would think many times before using prescription medication to cure your acne if you are a pregnant woman. Instead, why don't you follow the holistic approach which advocates healthy changes to your lifestyle to restore the balance in your body and keep acne out? And you don't have to worry about the frightening side effects of prescription medicines because the holistic approach assures you of a natural and healthy pregnancy which brings you a lovely little baby. Yes, acne treatment during pregnancy is best possible through the holistic approach.

Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

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Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

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