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Acne Treatment For Black Skin

Acne treatment for black skin is nothing different from acne treatment for white skin. But there are of course a few things that need to be kept in mind, namely pigmentation. But first of all we need to learn a bit more about acne in general before we go on to talk in detail about acne treatment for black skin in particular.

Acne can be of various types and various levels of severity but there are basically three factors that lead to acne.

Acne are caused by three major factors:

1) Hormonal Imbalance - When there is a hormonal imbalance the sebum glands start producing sebum or natural oil excessively.

Toxic Buildup - The toxins start building up in our body when the organs that are responsible for expelling these toxins from our body fail to do so.

The sebum glands being genetically sensitive towards the hormonal imbalance. - Where this genetic sensitivity is present in the sebum glands only then does the sebum glands react to the hormonal imbalance and start producing excess sebum. And when this excess sebum combines with the toxins present in the blood and lymph the perfect environment for the acne bacteria is created and they start flourishing.

Acne Skin Care:

Acne can affect any age group and any skin type. And so acne treatment for black skin is as common a question as for white skin. People are affected with teen acne as well as adult acne. The cause of acne is same all over but the effect of acne can be different based on the melanin content of the skin. There aren't any acne treatments available for the black skin but it can affect the black sin differently. Conventional acne medications for acne and acne scarscan lead to temporary excessive darkening or lightening of a particular spot in black skin. Chemical peel offs used to remove acne can lead to the same condition in skin more rich in melanin. Black skin also tends to be drier than their lighter counter part hence care should be taken while using conventional acne products as these tend to make the skin dry.

The only permanent and complete acne treatment for black skin or for that matter any type of skin is to cure the holistic way. The conventional methods only address the symptoms thus fail to eliminate the root cause of acne. Where as the holistic method takes care of the underlying root cause of the acne and eliminate them completely. The holistic approach is also devoid of any kind of side effects, thus whatever your skin type or color be, you have no need to worry about. Adopt the holistic approach and gift yourself the blemish free clear skin you always dreamt of.

Acne Treatment For Black Skin

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Acne Treatment For Black Skin

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