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Acne Treatment by Zeno:
Does The Device Really Help?

In the medical world, acne is described as a skin inflammation. It is caused due to many factors, the major one being an over-production of sebum by the oil glands.

Acne Causes:

But there are other causes at work also and all this lead to the formation of pimples. This excess oil ends up blocking the hair follicle pores, leading to bacteria growth. As the bacteria increases, they cause small pimples to appear, both on the skin's surface and beneath it. The growths that are seen on the surface are known as blackheads and those that are below are referred to as whiteheads. This is the start. Things can deteriorate after that and you may be afflicted with severe inflammation and acne scars and relentless irritation on the troubled spots. It does not cause any great health hazard, but because of the disfigurement, sufferers go through a severe loss of self-esteem. It generally hits young adults and adolescents. While there are several remedies for acne, but we will discuss the acne treatment Zeno in this article and try to find out whether it is effective.

Acne Treatment with Zeno:

Zeno is a Device that can clear up acne- this is a battery-operated, hand held device that is designed with a tip that heats to a temperature that has been pre-set. This tip is biocompatible and designed, and it lets you make contact with the pimple or nodule on your skin directly. Once it has come in contact with the blemish, its tip is able to transfer the heat to the follicle. It heats up the skin will 120 degrees for 2 or 3 minutes and this has been shown to eradicate the bacteria and lead to an influx of the heat-shock proteins. The bacterial cells are activated by the proteins by heat stress and this destroys the p.acnes inside the lesion. This reduces the inflammation and allows the skin to become healthy again.

You may use Zeno for as many as 3 times in a day. Though the device generates heat, but this is not intolerable. The skin does not get burned by its use but it does usually leave a red mark that is quite small for about 20 minutes, especially if you have sensitive skin. Thus you need to use acne treatment Zeno carefully.

It is however important for you to realize that acne treatment Zeno has a limited use. It can cure pustules or red bumps but is not of any use in the case of larger protuberances like cystic nodules or comedones. Since this is the case, is it not better for you to try the holistic approach? The fact is, Zeno and other methods of healing tend to treat acne only locally. But you should realize that the cause of the acne is not restricted to the surface of the skin but goes far deeper. And the holistic approach is the only method which tackles this condition successfully from within, something which the acne treatment Zeno does not do.

Acne Treatment Zeno

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Acne Treatment Zeno

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