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Arm Acne Can Be Permanently
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Arm Acne: Disarm the Devil

People in their thirties usually suffer the most from arm acne. This type of acne is in a way better than its facial counterpart as it can be concealed easily. A proper treatment, however, is strongly recommended to get rid of it. And to shed off the devil you need to know how it is different from the common facial acneand how to deal with it. The basic theory, however, is to identify and eradicate the internal causative factors.

How to Deal with the Irritating Arm Acne

Though concealable arm acne can be a real botheration during those seasons when you want to flaunt those paws on a beach holiday! Keratosis pilaris, as arm acne is medically termed, appears as hard boils on the upper arm. With a comparatively less itching sensation keratosis pilaris can even invade other body parts like legs and thighs. Thus being just another type of acne this condition also needs a thorough intervention. The market these days is flooded with several antibacterial soaps, over the counter drugs, creams and ointments which can partly relieve you, externally that too. One way to treat this and any type of acne is to approach the situation holistically. Acne is mainly caused due to a number of internal factors like hormonal imbalance, unflushed toxins in the blood and overly active sebaceous glands. And a holistic approach calls for a very clear and transparent idea of the root cause of acne. The excess sebum secreted by oil glands clogs the pores and give rise to acne.

The first step of a holistic treatment of acneis to develop good habits like eating right and sleeping tight! Including plenty of green leafy vegetables in your daily diet ensures a proper bowel movement and thus you flush away your toxins, which is half-the-job-done. By neutralizing the hormonal imbalance you are another step ahead towards uprooting your acne. Once the hormone levels are nullified, the sebaceous glands gradually get back to their normal functioning and thus the situation becomes quite manageable. An external cleansing routine is also advisable. This reviving trip of your entire inner body consequently makes you perked up from within. So, go holistic and swank those beautiful arms at the beach this vacation.

To conclude, going holistic is the rule while dealing with arm acne. Any commercialized product that promises to cure acne instantly has to come with a handful of side effects that are rather threatening to your body. Holistic treatment on the other hand considers all the possible aspects of the situation and treats them individually, thereby making you overall stronger physically and mentally. Yes, cheering you up is another important part of this holistic treatment. You cannot deny the direct relationship between your mental state and hormones. So, embrace the holistic approach and watch miracles happen!

Arm Acne

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Arm Acne

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