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Azelaic Acid - Azelex For
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Intensive research work is being done on how to cure acne and the chemical Azelaic acid -Azelex, as the brand name goes has gained much popularity. This medicine comes in a cream form and is often prescribed by doctors to their patients suffering from acne outbreaks. It is believed to kill bacteria and reduce the inflammation caused. But it has its limitations such that it only acts on bacteria and does not work on acne that is not caused by bacterial infection. Also who can deny the awful side effects which come as an added incentive with such treatments?

Cure or Harm your skin? Check out Holistically

Azelaic acid - Azelex is a 20% topical cream which promises to cure acne caused by a bacterial infection. It takes 1-2 month's time to cure the acne lesions. But how far does this mere treatment of the external lesions work when we are talking about acne? Well, it doesn't at all! Yes, treating acne is all about dealing the real cause and curing it from the root. Also the fallouts of this chemical that include upshots like dry skin, redness, stinging and burning cannot be negated. This cream can pose serious effects if consumed internally.

So, Azelaic acid - Azelex can be regarded as harmful to your skin rather than a curative. Ain't we missing on something? These treatments never consider the real cause of acne, the internal factors. Treating your acne holistically first identifies the miscommunication between the internal elements like hormone secretion, toxic build up in the blood and excess sebum secretion by the over-acting sebaceous glands. These three factors are supposed to be the root cause of acne. The genetic sensitivity to this imbalance again triggers the outbreak of the rashes or acne, as we call it. Once the root cause is identified the holistic way to treat the malady is to neutralize the hormonal imbalance and cleanse the system by flushing away those accumulated toxins. Going holistic will also help you rejuvenate your inner spirit which was lost in the course of the so called "cream" treatments of your acne. The emotional stress that one goes through is undeniable in aggravating the distress. Holistic treatment takes care of all the facets of this complex situation called acne and helps you break free to find a new you, revitalized inside-out!

Go ahead and opt for the wisest alternative to treat your acne. The holistic treatment considers your body and being as a whole and does not emphasize on the symptoms alone. Thus all your discomforts, physical and mental, internal and external get a thorough intervention and are handled separately. This special care offered by the holistic approach actually makes it surpass the conventional Azelaic acid - Azelex method loaded with filthy fallouts. So switch over to the holistic treatment and enjoy the marvelous results without any side effects.

Azelaic Acid

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Azelaic Acid

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