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Baby Acne: How to Cure Baby
Acne for Good

It is just one of those busy baby days. You are engrossed in the care of your little bundle of joy who is undoubtedly the most beautiful baby in the world.  However, you suddenly notice what looks like acne on the skin of your baby. Before you go into hysterics it is essential for you to understand that baby acne is a common skin condition that can affect infants as well as older babies. Though acne seems like condition, you will be relieved to know that with appropriate treatment and care, you can cure your baby's acne in a natural and safe manner.  

Understanding Baby Acne

Baby acne is also known medically as acne - neonatorum. Acne among babies can be identified by the lesions, which appear typically on the cheeks and the nasal bridge. This type of acne can last anywhere from few weeks to a few months.  Babies usually get acne because of the transfer of hormones passed by the mother through the placenta. The hormones are responsible for stimulating the oil glands, which ultimately lead to acne. Baby acne is fairly common and not a cause for concern. Mild acne does disappear within a few weeks and therefore treatment is not required. However, the condition can be uncomfortable for babies and an equally mortifying for parents.  In desperation, many parents resort to prescription drugs to treat the condition. However, babies are extremely sensitive and hence harsh medication can do more harm than good. In fact some drugs may even lead to inflammation, allergies and other serious complications. Even home remedies are not completely safe and may cause side effects like itching, and burning.

Treatments for Baby Acne:

There are also certain other concerns associated with baby acne treatment options. A few of them include the following.

1. Safety of the products: Many products related to baby acne throng the medical counters. However, very few of them are genuinely tested and certified.

Individual reaction: Not all babies respond positively to the so-called safe acne drugs. Premature babies and babies having sensitive skins are at major risk of contracting allergies from such drugs.

Harmful ingredients: Many cleansers that are typically used to treat baby acne contain harmful ingredients like artificial fragrance, artificial coloring, ammonia, EDTA and more.

Long-term perspective: Many of the products give temporary relief from the condition, but leave a trail of side effects, which can be even more uncomfortable than acne itself. Hence, from long-term perspective, these baby products prove to be a bad bargain.

Treatment for baby acne should be safe, natural and most importantly, it should be holistic in nature. Holistic approach is different than any other treatment program as it targets the root cause and not the symptoms of this skin disorder. Thus, acne can be completely eliminated without any possibility of a relapse. The holistic practitioners also take into account the delicate constitution of babies and their individual differences to chart a scientific treatment program. This program is also comprehensive and multidimensional in nature. This also explains why holistic approach works, where everything else fails. This intelligent treatment plan therefore remains the only one, which can cure your baby's acne in a gentle, efficient and effective manner.

Baby Acne

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Baby Acne

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