Best Acne Blemish Treatment

Acne is a very common problem that starts during the adolescent age and continues for some, even in their 20s and 30s. Acne can ruin a beautiful face and along with that it can also kills many a teen's self confidence. And even after you have been able to cure your acne, the blemishes may remain on the face - the red marks may scar the face forever. There are various treatments available, and it takes time to understand which would work. So what is the best acne blemish treatment - let us find out.

Treatments for Acne Blemish

There are many over the counter and prescription medicines available that help in treating the acne. There are various homemade masks as well that you can use to help reduce the blemishes that acne leaves behind. Severe acne cases leave a kind of a red colored depression or a red scar that takes months to take on the same skin tone. Here are some acne blemish treatments that can help you tackle these blemishes:

Chemical Peels : An application of chemical agents is put on the skin which causes the outer layer of the skin to be removed.

Laser Resurfacing : With the help of laser techniques, the top several layers of the affected area are removed. Severe acne blemishes are treated with this technique.

Punch Excision and Skin Grafting : Sometimes a particular blemish can be so deep that it is not possible to treat it through the laser technique. In such cases the Punch Excision technique is used. The particular scar or the affected area is removed with the help of a surgical instrument. And then the gap or defect is closed with the help of a small skin graft.

Collagen Implantation : Mild blemishes can be easily treated with this method. Collagen is injected inside the skin under the lesion to help it elevate to the normal skin level.

Side Effects of Acne Treatments:

The workability of the acne blemish treatments can differ from one person to another. But one thing is for sure, and this is that if you are planning to try some particular product, do make sure that you give it a lot of time. But the fact is that, most of the over the counter medicines and even the antibiotics come with side effects. They are expensive too. But they only treat the symptom and never really go deep down to investigate the real causes and treat them. This is why you will find that in many cases, the acne returns, and that too even after the symptoms have gone. For best results, the real cause of acne needs to be found out because acne can happen due to many reasons such as hormonal imbalances, a high level of toxins within the body and excess stress.

The best acne blemish treatment is the one that treats not only the blemishes but starts right at the root cause and tries to eradicate them. The holistic approach is no doubt the best acne blemish treatment you can find. The holistic approach, treating the body as a whole, identifies all the causes and then treats them each individually. The approach also shows a way of life that helps the person lead a healthy life. This is why the holistic approach is the best acne blemish treatment.

Best Acne Blemish Treatment

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Best Acne Blemish Treatment

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