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There's a very simple link between birth control and acne. There are many birth control pills available that can help you prevent your acne break outs.  Before we try to find out which is the best birth control for acne, let us first understand how birth control helps prevent acne. At least many believe that they do.

Pimples and Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills prevent pregnancy by bringing in a change in the hormone levels. One such hormone is androgen and it is also responsible for the production of natural oil or sebum. Now interestingly, the excess production of natural oil is one of the causes of acne. So, if the birth control pill that you are taking lowers the level of androgen then automatically your acne will reduce too.

It takes almost six to eight weeks for birth control pills to start showing any result on acne. You have to remember that birth control pills will not cure your existing acne but they will prevent future out breaks. You also have to keep in mind that not all birth control pills lower the levels of androgen. Thus the pills that work on other hormones will not help your acne condition. The best birth control for acne is Ortho Tri-Cyclen. It is FDA approved and is believed to cure mild to moderate acne.  There are a few other pills too that are supposed to work on acne and they are Norlestrin1/50, Loestrin1.5/30, Estrostep Fe, Levlen etc.

But there are a few side effects too with birth control pills for acne:

         Weight gain - Studies show that there is some connection between weight gain and birth control for acne.

         If you are a smoker then using birth control pills can increase the chances of cancer.


         Tenderness of the breast area.


         Mood swings.


         Irregularity of monthly cycles.

Contraceptives for Acne?

If you are planning to use birth control for your acne, then you must first understand what causes acne. There are basically three factors that cause acne.

         Hormonal imbalance.

         Accumulation of toxic substance.

         A particular genetic sensitivity of the sebum glands towards the hormonal imbalance. If you have this particular sensitivity then your sebum glands will produce excess sebum.

So, if you use birth pills to stop acne, you can understand that it will work only till you take the pills. The minute the course stops, your acne will come back. But this is not what you want - and you will of course not want to be permanently on the pills. So, in order to completely get rid of the acne, the answer is not in finding the best birth control for acne, but in finding an alternative treatment that works. And that treatment is the holistic approach. Holistic remedies treat the problem from the inside and eliminate the root causes of acne, and because of this, the acne is gone permanently.

Best Birth Control For Acne

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