Birth Control Acne: Can These
Pills WORK To Treat Acne?

We will be discussing birth control and acne in this article but before doing so, it might be beneficial to explain what causes acne. There are two types of glands in our skin; sweat glands and oil glands. The oil glands are largely located on the face, chest and upper back. They cluster around the hair shaft and drain their secretions into the hair follicles. These secretions are called sebum and are the natural skin oils that lubricate and protect the skin. Acne forms when the hair follicles get blocked and the sebum is trapped.

Pimples and Birth Control Pills

You might well ask what birth control has to do with acne. For some female patients, the cause of acne is an excessive production of hormones called androgens. This extra androgen in a woman's system causes the oil glands to produce more oil than they normally do and the resultant glut causes acne. Thus we see that indeed there is a relationship between birth control medication and acne.

This is where oral contraceptives or birth control pills help. Such pills lower your androgen levels and consequently your acne outbreaks also cease. By and large, oral contraceptives are not what doctors choose as the first medication step against acne. It is only when other treatment options have been tried and not succeeded that this line of defense is fallen back upon. It helps if the concerned woman needs a form of birth control anyway. And for best results, doctors use oral contraceptives jointly with other forms of acne medicines. It's just that your doctor will have to correctly identify that your acne attack is influenced by hormones and has not come about due to other causes.

Medicines to Get Rid of Acne:

There are many conventional and over the counter drugs that try to eradicate acne. But the fact is that, with most of these medications the acne might go away, but it makes a comeback almost always. This is because these medicines just try to cure the symptoms of the problem without really going deep into the real causes of acne. Conventional medicines often also cause side effects and their implications can become more serious than the acne itself.

However, we would like to suggest to you that, with the probability of so many harmful side-effects, whether it is worthwhile for you to get into conventional treatment for birth control and acne. Instead, we would like to tell you about the holistic approach which cures your malady with no ill-effects. Not only that, it is the only method that cures your acne permanently. This is because all other forms of treatment aim at tackling the symptoms of the ailment and not the root cause. The holistic approach on the other hand goes to the very root of the problem and fixes you internally so that it is actually nipped in the bud. If you don't want your condition to come back again to haunt you, choose the holistic approach and never be troubled by acne again.

Birth Control Acne

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Birth Control Acne

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