Body Acne Can Be Permanently
Cured- Here's How

What can be more distressing than having acne on your face? Indeed, It is having acne all over the body. Body acne is a common skin condition that is considered by many to be physically painful as well as embarrassing. Body acne typically targets major areas of the body like chest, back, shoulder, arms and so on. Hence, it tends to be very painful and uncomfortable. Particularly resilient in nature, this disturbing skin condition can be cured only with holistic approach.

Body Acne- An Overview:

Body acne is less common than facial acne. However, this condition is by no means rare. From lanky teenagers to adults, body acne can affect any person irrespective of his age and gender. Research has however shown that men are more prone to this skin condition as compared to women. Body acne typically begins on the face. Later on, it spreads to the larger body areas like chest and back. This skin condition can be even more distressing as it can lead to many physical problems along with typical acne symptoms. For example, having acne on the backcan affect the posture of the person leading to back ache. As this skin condition can lead to a great deal of embarrassment, many people often try to treat it at home with the help of home remedies and prescription drugs. However, body acne does not respond to these remedies, as this condition is the result of internal factors which cannot be resolved with superficial medication.

Cause of Body Acne:

Acne, whether it appears on the face, chest, arms or legs is caused due to three main internal factors. The first main factor is hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance causes some kind of miscommunication with the sebum oil glands. Hence, these glands secrete excess oil, which then combines with toxins to give rise to acne bacteria. Once this bacteria starts flourishing, acne is inevitable. Second internal factor which causes body acne is toxic build up. Different types of toxins enter our body everyday through some medium. The toxins which are not flushed out get stored in blood lymph and tissues and are expelled through the skin. These toxins then combine with the excess sebum to give rise to this condition. Thirdly, some people also have sebum glands that are genetically sensitive to hormonal imbalance. Hence, these glands produce excess sebum which then combines with toxins to give rise to body acne. Thus, the underlying cause of body acne remains the same no matter what type of acne you have and so will be the solution. Hence, rather than trying out different drugs for the different types of acne, rely only on holistic approach which can successfully treat even the most dreaded type of body acne with its scientific and natural principles.

Treating Body Acne:

Treatment for body acne should be comprehensive and intensive. Hence, conventional medicine is not capable of curing body acne. As conventional treatment does not address the causes of this skin ailment, it fails to give you permanent relief from this problem. Beside this, people who use this treatment option have to face the possibility of Side effects like nausea, diarrhea, lightheadedness and more. Long-term use of conventional drugs can also cause damage to the liver, kidney and other vital organs of the body. Conventional treatment is also expensive and hence very few people can afford long-term treatment. As acne is a complex condition, it can respond well only to multidimensional treatment like holistic approach. Holistic approach is effective as it combines all possible aspects of treatment including dietary changes, lifestyle modification, positive thinking and even cleansing and detoxifying procedures. This all enables holistic approach to attack the root cause of body acne to promote all round healing. Hence, when it comes to curing body acne, you can get best possible results only with the help of natural and safe holistic approach.

Body Acne

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Body Acne

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