Breast Pimples: How to Remove Breast Pimples Naturally and Forever

Breast pimples are a very common ailment in both men and women and at least 75-80% people have experienced it at some time or the other. Acne is generally seen on the face, neck, upper arms, chest and back, but it can appear in other places too. Males are more prone to getting acne which tends to be more severe while in the case of females, it is more prolonged.

Causes of Breast Pimples

The causes of breast pimples are varied. Hormonal changes in females during the menstruation and pregnancy is a primary cause of breast acne. Exposure to pollution, grime, grease, stress and heavy perspiration can also cause breast pimples. Certain medications might also cause pimples and it is best to ask your physician for an alternative medicine if you start developing this condition.

Prevention of Acne on Breasts

Since pimples are almost always caused by ingrown hairs on the chest, it is essential to use an exfoliator regularly on your chest. Follow it up with a facial toner which will help to close the pores of the affected area.

Do not wear sports bras as they leave little room for the evaporation of moisture. Always wear bras that lift your breasts and allow them to breathe and dry out. Since too much perspiration can cause breast pimples, make sure to have a quick bath as soon as you can after getting sweaty, especially in hot summers.

Treatment of Breast Pimples

Mild breast pimples can change into a virulent attack overnight if it is not treated at the outset. So always take note when the first ones appear and do not neglect, as many people tend to do. As far as possible, use natural home remedies but do consult a doctor if there is no improvement. Ideally you should use an antibacterial soap for bathing and keep a separate bar of soap for the breasts only to prevent breast pimples.

Check for allergies before you apply Aloe Vera gel.Tea tree oil is highly recommended for its antiseptic and antifungal properties and its multiple healing elements. This healing oil does not cause skin irritation, nor does it dry out the skin. It is best used at bedtime or before taking a bath. Acne pads, if available, are an affordable and safe product to be used under the breast after a bath. Combine organic products like turmeric and coconut oil and apply it at bedtime. A cleanser made up of either tea tree oil or lavender oil can be applied to thebreast acne. Apply other home remedies like raw papaya juice, orange peels, garlic or tomato slices to the areas that are affected by these pimples.

While considering what treatment to use for breast pimples, it is also important for you to remember that most treatments tend to treat the problem from the outside. That is just the symptoms, without really trying to find out what the root causes of the problem are. That is why you may have a recurrence even though the problem goes away temporarily. This is where the holistic approach is so much superior to other forms of treatment. It goes to the root of the problem and cures you from inside. That is why conditions once cured through the holistic approach stay cured for ever.

Breast Pimples

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Breast Pimples

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