Butt Acne: The ONLY Proven Way
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There are so many theories propagating the source of acne, each vying with the other about authenticity that the average individual is bewildered at the widely acclaiming diversities. While with some, acne is a genetic manifestation on which none may ever have any control, others profess that bad or faulty diet causes acne. However, most agree that hormonal misbalance during puberty is the prime cause of acne in the younger generation. And making the problem worse is the fact that acne can appear almost anywhere - even in the butt. No, that is not a pain in the butt, it is but butt acne .

What is Butt Acne?

Delving deeper into the root of the problem brings us closer to the hair roots or hair follicles under the skin that gets blocked up with over production of sebum, causing acne. Herodotus had acne and so had Cleopatra, the controversial Egyptian Queen.

However, there is no recorded history of the Queen suffering from butt acne although contemporary females occasionally do complain about this distressing disease condition. Though theoretically, acne may occur anywhere in the body, its usual location is on or near the soft tissues like the face, chest and neck. However, why and how it occurs in the buttock seems to be a mystery. In any case, it is embarrassing, inconvenient and painful for anyone who has got it. The scenario is all the more sordid as there is no known remedy to cure this condition unless and until it resolves itself on its own which nevertheless, is also not very uncommon.

Causes of Butt Acne:

Contrary to what many people believe, butt acne is not caused by wrong diet or some bacteria. The main cause of butt acne is the build up of toxins within the body when they cannot be expelled and the production of excess oil by the sebum gland. In fact, these are the causes not just of butt acne, but any kind of acne. Actually, both the cause and the solution of all types remain the same.

Since over-the-counter topical acne medications do not prove ideal in treating butt acne (these medicines also in many cases cause side effects) because of its inopportune location, certain corrective steps may alleviate the symptoms to some extent. Persons suffering from butt acne should not use synthetic undergarments that are likely to aggravate the acne, causing it to flare up with pain and pus forming within. As the butt is constantly kept covered during our waking hours, it sure perspires a lot, needing as mush washing as possible. So a good thorough bath as soon after working hours may provide ample relief. But this has to be done with a non-scented, non-irritating soap as such products invariably aggravate the acne, causing more discomfort.

Taking a holistic approach towards a permanent cure may prove to be the right direction to natural therapy. This may include change of diet from meat-oriented lunches to fruit and vegetable salads. Adequate intake of water to keep the pH value at the right level will also help reducing the torments of acne. And lastly, lose fitting garments that allow free air all around the body will prove helpful in alleviating the acne discomforts to considerable degree. A last word of consolation - acne usually do not fall in love with the human butt end, however round and rosy they might appear and goes away as spontaneously as they have appeared. But if they do, butt acne can indeed be successfully and permanently treated with the holistic treatment approach.

Butt Acne

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Butt Acne

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