Concealing Pimples Is Possible But Curing Acne Is a Better Option

The skin constitutes the largest organ of the human body. It is also one of the most conspicuous organs and any blemish on its surface, most often, throws up a difficult challenge to hide. When it comes to pimples and acne on the facial region, the problem of concealment is even more acute. Concealing pimpleson the face can be a difficult proposition (unless one chooses to wear a mask at all times!).

Acne and Pimples

Acne and pimples have plagued mankind from the earliest of times. In our modern society, where we are more conscious about how we look than ever, a pimple is not welcome. Acne and pimples are common during the adolescent years. Statistics show that over 85% of teenagers suffer from acne. Fortunately, the severity of the condition diminishes over time and pimples, most often, disappear by themselves around the time a person reaches his or her twenties. However, they can sometimes tend to persist and may often leave behind scars and blemishes that one has to bear for life.

The urge for concealing pimples is understandable. We all want to look beautiful. We all long for that perfect skin, free from blemishes of any kind. In our younger years, the urge is even stronger. If you are going out on your first date or getting together with your friends on the prom night, a pimple can easily ruin all your efforts to look beautiful for the occasion. An ugly pimple on your face is probably the last thing you'd like to be got caught with on such a special day. So what's the way out?

Tips to Get Rid of Pimples

In our haste to get rid of that annoying pimple, we resort to all sorts of quick fixes. One of the most frequently used medications is topical ointments or creams, consisting primarily of varying amounts of the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide. But it does not guarantee good results. There could be nasty side-effects too, like skin dryness, local irritation and inflammation. Oral medications and over-the-counter pills are also frequently sought. These bring varying results and sometimes, annoying side-effects.

In the same vein, people try blood type diet, mucus-less diet, reflexology, vegetarianism, aromatherapy, magnetic therapy, Chinese Medicine, Wai diet, hydrotherapy, macrobiotics - the list goes on. The problem with all these modes of treatment is that they forcibly suppress the symptoms, and at the most, eliminate just one of the many factors which actually cause pimples. Such a one-dimensional treatment hardly ever produces long lasting results. This is because in reality, the causes of acne are many such as an overproduction by the sebum gland, high level of toxicity in the body and stress.

It is only by addressing the problem of pimples at the grass root level can you truly succeed in fighting the real causes of pimples. And the most effective way to do that is to adopt the holistic mode of treatment. By introducing simple, yet highly effective changes in your diet and lifestyle, you can bring about profound changes and bid farewell to the problem of acne and pimples for ever. They will vanish and will never return. Your days of concealing pimples will be gone for good.

Concealing Pimples

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Concealing Pimples

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