Differin Side Effects EXPOSED

Differin is an acne treatment that is used to treat severe conditions. Though Differin has been found to help reduce acne but there are some serious Differin side effects . So if you have been prescribed its use by your doctor, do make sure you ask him all about the side effects. The side effects of Differin can range from mild redness to serious breathing trouble. Let us know more about them in detail.

Mild Side Effects Caused By Differin

  1. Differin makes the skin sensitive to the sun and the UV rays. So do not let your skin get exposed to the sun while you are under differin treatment.
  2. Cold wind and chilly weather can also prove irritating to your skin.
  3. Your acne might seem to flare up and the condition gets worsened when you start the treatment - but it generally subsides as the treatment continues. If the condition keeps getting worse immediately mention it to your doctor.
  4. You might suffer from dry skin and irritation.
  5. An itchy feeling.
  6. Rashes and redness of the skin.
  7. A burning sensation.
  8. A temporary stinging sensation in the skin. These symptoms are generally mild in nature but if the persist over time then you should definitely let your doctor know about it.

Severe Differin Side Effects

  1. Difficulty in breathing
  2. A feeling of tightness in the chest.
  3. A swelling of the tongue, mouth and lips.
  4. Excessive redness of skin.
  5. Occurrence of blisters.
  6. The skin might start peeling off.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms while undergoing the treatment, don't waste any time in informing your doctor about them. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant soon or are breast feeding, always inform your doctor because he may put you under another treatment.

Don't try to apply more of a dose than has been prescribed. Too much Differin won't help your case but it might only lead to more serious side effects. If due to any reason you miss a dose don't try to make it up just let it go and continue with the next dose. Differin helps in getting rid of the acnebut the side effects are far more serious.

But the fact remains that these over the counter medicines or even the so called natural medicines only address the symptoms without trying to eliminate the root causes. And the truth is that the actual causes of acne lie far deep beneath the skin and there can be many such as an overproduction of sebum and a high level of toxicity in the body and as so just the local application of a medicine cannot cure the acne.

The holistic approach is the only approach that addresses the root cause of the problem. The holistic approach promotes a healthy life style through a healthy diet and mind set, by detoxifying the body and by achieving the right hormonal balance. The approach treats the body as a whole and tries to find out all the contributing causes of acne. Having done this, the holistic approach then treats each cause independently. The treatment is complete - the acne never returns. This is why you should never go for conventional drugs. Remember, there may be cases of Differin side effects , and other such.

Differin Side Effects

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Differin Side Effects

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