How to Clear Acne
Holistically and Permanently

How to clear acne is a burning question that is troubling millions of Americans today. The problem lies not in locating remedies that have nearly flooded the market but in their efficacy that are far from being satisfactory. In fact, most of these so called acne clear formulations that are available across the counter are more harmful than becoming beneficent to the user. Besides, they pinch the pocket enormously, producing very little or no effect. However, the problem of how to clear acne may be solved in any of the three ways enumerated below.

·         By way of using OTC medications

·         By using natural ingredients

·         By the holistic way of treatment

Medicines to Clear Acne

While shopping for OTC medications that are supposed to solve the problem of how to clear acne, the first item that hits the eye is labeled Benzoyl Peroxide which all but burn the acne, leaving a parchment dry skin. The effect of this complicates the situation all the more since it prompts the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, thereby ruining the purpose. Then there are the much advertised Chinese Herbal Acne Medication and Acne Supplements that promise "Clear skin within 20 days". Needless to say, both of these sure fire therapies somehow withhold the growth of acne as long as they are used, ending in a much worse clinical condition. The same is true with most of the creams, lotions, ointments, liniments, gels and balms. And also consider the innumerable side effects that many of these treatments cause.

Natural Treatment to Clear Acne

Coming down to natural ingredients that are believed to guarantee clear skin, the picture is equally dismal. Starting from Tea Tree Oil that is supposed kill acne bacteria and restore acne-free clear skin to Apple Cider Vinegar that has enough qualities to help clearing up acne eventually sinks after a few days of smooth sailing. However, one need not necessarily have to delve deeper to assess their failures. These elements of nature, although efficient in their own ways to cure commonplace lesions or pustules draw a total blank against the multi-dimensional acne that requires both internal as well as external therapeutic procedures to deal with its tough structural formation.

However, the acne accepts defeat when confronted with the holistic way of treatment that hits at its roots. While conventional medications are busy treating the symptoms, the holistic approach starts systematically to cleanse the system of harmful toxins that are stored up in the kidneys, liver, colon and the skin. As these vital bodily organs become free of toxin and the blood and the Lymphatic glands are once more back to their original state, the hormonal imbalance, which is the root cause of acne is restored. And with is comes the closing chapter of how to clear acne.
How To Clear Acne

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How To Clear Acne

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