Hypoglycemic Index and

The hypoglycemic index measures how quickly a food item raises the blood sugar levels. It is believed that food items that are high in this index have a connection with acne problem - this is the relationship between hypoglycemic index and acne . The hypoglycemic index is an indicator that helps us understand the way our blood sugar responds to certain food items.

Food items that raise the glucose levels in the blood can worsen the acne condition. Let us study how high sugar levels can aggravate acne.

What is Hypoglycemic Index?

Sugar is stored in the muscles and our liver to be used as energy later on. When we take food that is high on the hypoglycemic index, we end up loading our body with excess sugar. And when the body has excess sugar, it deals with it in two different ways. It expels this excess sugar through urine. It converts this excess sugar into lard or "long-chain triglycerides" that is stored in the body as fat.

The blood sugar levels in the body can create a problem and to counter this insulin and the other androgens need to be eliminated. The level of the bodily hormones comes in the way of the liver to naturally throw them out of the system.

The food that turn to sugar (according to the hypoglycemic index of a food) is less important here. What is more relevant here is to know whether the body has too much sugar or not. And thus, the hypoglycemic index may not be appropriate because it is rather a simplistic view.

The blood and lymph that supplies the skin also starts supplying this lard up to the skin and thus giving it that oily look. Also, as the body has to look after the expelling of this excess sugar, the liver might get overwhelmed with much work and this leads to hormonal misbalance. All these factors together can aggravate an already existing acne condition.

Relation between Hypoglycemic Index & Acne

But you have to bear in mind that though there might be a relationship between the hypoglycemic index and acne, food items high on the hypoglycemic index do not definitely cause acne. Acne is basically caused by three definite reasons - 

1) Hormonal Imbalance - The sebum glands starts overworking and produces more natural oil which can lead to acne.

Toxic Buildup - A toxic buildup can occur when the organs like the liver etc which are responsible for ridding the body of the toxins fail to function properly.

Combination of the two factors mentioned above - Sebum that is produced by the gland sometimes mixes with the toxic materials and this promotes the growth of bacteria, which ultimately leads to the formation of acne.

Food items that are high on the hypoglycemic index can only worsen an already existing condition but not cause it. Hence cutting down on such food items won't help you get rid of your acne completely though it might somewhat make the situation better.

To completely get rid of your acne, you have to deal with the root causes. And the only way to do so is by adopting the holistic approach. Over the counter medicines or just a controlled diet cannot help in curing acne. The actual causes of acne are complex and they require a thorough understanding and cure. The holistic approach addresses not the symptoms but the root cause. Adopting a healthy lifestyle also fixes the internal problems. The holistic approach combines a healthy diet and mindset, detoxification of the body, the right hormonal balance etc in order to not only cure the existing acne but to prevent them from recurring again.

Hypoglycemic Index And Acne

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Hypoglycemic Index And Acne

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