Iodine and Acne Connection EXPOSED

Iodine, it is believed worsens acne . Most people will tell you that this is the relationship between iodine and acne. If you are suffering from acne, you'll find many who will point it out to you that it is the iodine in your diet that is causing them. The fact is, though iodine cannot directly cause acne, but it can definitely aggravate the situation. But iodine is definitely required by the body and an iodine deficiency can cause serious problems. However too much of iodine worsens the already existing acne.

What happens when there is too much or too less of iodine?

Excessive amounts of iodine can irritate the pores, in other words, the pores get flared up and lead to acne. Poor iodine intake can also cause Cretinism which leads to metal retardation and dwarfism.

You can definitely gain a control over this situation by cutting down on the food that are rich in iodine. Crabs, liver, clams, cheese, kelp are some of the food items rich in iodine. And by keeping a tab over these items, you'll be able to keep a control over your iodine intake. But when you are doing so, do keep in mind that you should not be reducing by too much, otherwise there may be a deficiency in the body.

Root Causes of Acne

But you have to keep in mind that iodine is not what causes acne. By just reducing your iodine intake you won't be able to get rid of your acne, and neither will you be able to completely cure yourself of this condition. Acne is caused by not one by many factors; hence by just cutting down on one mineral the problem cannot be solved.

Acne is quite a complicated condition as often many factors work individually and together to form them. Such factors include a high level of toxins within the body when they cannot be eliminated, overproduction of natural oils by the sebum glandsand also external reasons such as stress.

And because of the fact that there are many factors, cutting down on the iodine doesn't in any way help in addressing the root causes of acne. With iodine and acne, you might be able to stop your condition from getting worse but that's just it. In order to get a complete cure, you need to deal with the underlying causes of acne. And that is possible only through the holistic approach. The holistic approach addresses the root causes of the problem and tries to rectify the issues and give you a perfectly flawless and clear skin. By adopting a healthy life style it achieves the right balance mentally physically and not only gives you the perfect skin it also helps you in feeling healthier over all. The holistic approach treats the entire system, rather than just the symptoms of the condition.

Iodine And Acne

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Iodine And Acne

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