Milk of Magnesia for Acne: UNCOVERED

Acne & Milk of Magnesia: Popular yet bootless!

Milk of magnesia is an aqueous suspension of magnesium hydroxide. The solution derives the name from its milky white appearance. Although best known for its antacid and laxative properties, use of milk of magnesia for acne treatment is pretty popular among people suffering from acne. The common belief, however, that the soothing effect of this medicine cures acne is still a myth. Alike any other commercialized so called acne cures, milk of magnesia is highly accepted by many acne sufferers. Being a cheaper option to its expensive counterparts like Nizoral, milk of magnesia is easy on your wallet too.

Milk of Magnesia for Acne: How Does it Work?

As an antacid milk of magnesia comes in the form of tablets while for acne treatment it comes in the form of a lotion. Apparently while using milk of magnesia for acne as a lotion, majority of acne sufferers respond delightfully for its soothing effect on their itchy skin. Also this lotion helps improve the skin complexion which again gets an added bonus from its users. But if analyzed wisely, all of this is happening externally leaving the internal factors ignored and hence untreated. Thus milk of magnesia or any other "acne curing product" does not cure acne permanently except dumping your system with their loads of filthy side effects. And the one and only remedy that can challenge the role of milk of magnesia for acne cure is none other than the holistic treatment.

Since acne is caused due to the combined effect of several internal and external factors, a mere application of milk of magnesia externally will never ever help. Acne is a condition when you are out of balance and your hormone secretion is disrupted to the extent that it affects the sebaceous glands to produce excess oil that clog your skin pores. Unflushed blood toxin is another primary factor in the scenario. Thus curing acne permanently is a real challenge which can be met successfully by only considering all the factors, primary and secondary together.

So be bold and face the challenge. Holistic treatment considers all your discomforts, internal and external, physical and mental with a thorough intervention and treats them individually. By ensuring a proper balanced diet full of green vegetables and fruits with antioxidants the holistic therapy cleanses your system thereby flushing away all the accumulated toxins in the blood. Plenty of drinking water puts your internal pH balance back to normal and thus relaxes the oil glands. Once the primary factors are resolved, the external symptoms start ceasing automatically which in turn relaxes you mentally. And mental well being is but one of the main elements in the holistic approach. Once your internal system and mental agitation is soothed, your skin feels solaced and pampered. Of course an external cleansing routine is advised to keep the dirt at bay. So be bold and throw away that bottle full of milk of magnesia for acne cure and bosom a 100% natural treatment, err, pampering the holistic way!

Milk Of Magnesia For Acne

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Milk Of Magnesia For Acne

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