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Many of us have had to deal with the problem of acne during our younger years. We have worried our heads off with how to make them go away. Doctors have prescribed creams and lotions, while your folks at home have had their own ideas. Home remedies, most of them using simple (yet, supposedly effective) natural objects, have always been popular. In our anxiety to get rid of the acne as quickly as possible, we have tried them all. The results however have not been very encouraging always. Then there are natural acne cures too.

Best Natural Cure for Acne

The list of natural acne cures is a long one and comprises the most unlikely of things, from potatoes to green tea to almond oil. One remedy would have you using garlic juice with water to rub on the affected areas. Another would involve mixing groundnut oil with lime juice and applying the mixture on the acne. The list continues with honey, turmeric paste, neem leaves, orange peel, juice of raw papaya, radish seeds and so on. The scientific reason behind using these natural substances is hardly ever explored. Young people, suffering from acne and desperately in need to get rid of it, would have believed anything in their eagerness. Very soon, they would end up looking and smelling like a hotel kitchen and matters naturally got messy.

Why the rush for natural acne cures? Well, to start with, they are inexpensive and easy to obtain. Most natural remedies comprise stuffs available in and around one's home. They cost very little when compared to regular prescription drugs. And being natural, there were very side-effects to worry about. One of the most common misconceptions about acne is that they are caused by blocked pores on the skin. This has propelled the use of natural substances which are believed to clean the skin pores, and thus, clear the acne infestation.

Are Natural Cures for Acne Really Effective?

The problem with all these natural remedies is that they tend to look at the problem of acne from a single perspective. In other words, they tend to address just one of the many causes that actually lead to acne. They also seem to work based on many wrong assumptions regarding what causes acne. Many assume that acne is caused by blocked pores (no, they are not!). Some again assume that an oily skin gives rise to acne (wrong again!). Consequently, these natural remedies aim to work in all the wrong areas in their attempt to help you get rid of acne. The result, naturally, is not very encouraging always. The real causes of acne include an imbalance in the level of hormone in the body, excess toxins and also stress.

Why embark on a wild goose chase when you can adopt the power of holistic treatment and free yourself from the clutches of acne? Unlike most natural acne cure remedies, holistic treatment is proven and it really works! The holistic mode of treatment works from deep within and addresses the problem at its grass root level. It does not require the use of natural acne cure remedies of dubious effectiveness. It also steers clear of conventional drugs and is therefore, free from the side-effects that conventional medications carry. It uses a multi-dimensional approach to save you from the clutches of acne by cleansing from deep within your body.

Natural Acne Cure

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