Newborn Acne Can Be Permanently Cured- Here's How

Acne Neonatorum

About 20% of babies born each year are affected by a skin disease called newborn acne , medically known as Acne Neonatorum. During immaturity hormones are passed form the mother's body to the infant after delivery.  It is these hormones that trigger the oil glands in the baby's skin which in turn clog the pores. Baby acne usually affects the cheeks, forehead and rarely the scalp. This is normally a temporary situation and the baby outgrows this phase in the initial few months. This acne does not need any medical treatment, however topical creams like benzoyl peroxide, retinoid and other keratolytic agents are advocated by the baby doctor in case of severity.

Pamper Your Angel Holistically!

Newborn acne shows a tradition of starting at the age of 3 weeks. Mostly predominant in male babies, this acne appears as small red pustules that resemble small rounded boils filled with pus inside. Oil or lotions that have a cream base often aggravate the condition. This acne disappears in a few weeks time. Though on severe cases doctors prescribe topical medicines like retinoid, all these chemicals work externally on the lesions rather than treating form inside. A holistic approach on the other hand treats your child from inside thereby identifying the internal factors involved. The mother's hormones cut through the placenta into the baby and cause the oil glands to choke the pores as a post delivery consequence. Relieve your infant in a holistic way which will help neutralize the instability both internally and externally.

The genetic sensitivity of the sebaceous glands of the infant to the maternal hormones causes the breakout of rashes which can be cured in the true sense only holistically. The lesions caused mostly subside on their own within 3-4 months. Although affecting a newborn, the fact remains the same for any acne! Treat it holistically to get rid of it. Avoiding soap being the smart way, you can wash the baby's face with lukewarm water. The baby usually gets irritable as the lesions cause discomfort. So try and calm your baby by breastfeeding frequently and soothing her in your lap. The warmth helps your baby feel secure. Now your newborn surely deserves this much of pampering, holistically of course! As the hormones derived from the mother's placenta start ceasing, the oil glands resume their normal functioning and thus the pores are gradually unblocked.

So go ahead and say no to all those over the counter chemicals and treat your little one holistically. Holistic treatment of acne is a sure cure of the discomfort with no side effects at all. Unlike the easy to apply and quick remedies available in the market followed by their lousy side effects, holistic treatment deals with the basic causes of acne and not just the symptoms.  Treated as a whole your body and mind both respond to the holistic approach heartily and you discover a new you with all that lost aura around! So be it newborn acne or adult acne, must be treated holistically to be cured.

Newborn Acne

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Newborn Acne

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