Nose Acne: How to Get Rid
of Nose Acne FAST

Regardless of wherever acne may appear, be it on the nose, chin, cheek, forehead,back or buttocks, the causative factors that lead to this distressing disease condition remain unchanged. These, incidentally are: (a) Hormonal imbalance, (b) Toxic buildup within the blood and the lymphatic glands and (c) Sensitivity of the sebum (oil) producing glands under the skin. The additional factor relating to the genes may or may not play a vital role in producing pimples in Homo sapiens. However, nose acne poses a singular problem since human nature prompts the species to touch this part of the human anatomy at the first sign of distress or concern. And touching or tapping an acne lesion is the worst thing to do since it helps spreading of acne faster to adjoining areas. Moreover acne, as we know, arises from clogged pores and the pores in the nose are biggest and consequently nose acne tends to be more formidable as compared to those appearing on other parts of the body.

Acne arises from a multi-dimensional disease that needs comprehensive treatment plan from different angles. This includes extensive internal and external cleaning of the body that eventually cures the ailment. Most over-the-counter medications unfortunately, ignore this point, stressing more on treating the external symptoms than treating the internal malaise. As a result, the relief available under the therapy is haphazard and short-lived. Strangely enough, starting from the pharmaceutical giants, their dealers, distributors and agents and ending up to the pharmacist – all seem to be happy about this bewildering situation where everybody benefits save and except the actual user. Moreover, those conventional and over the counter medications have many side effects. So, a person suffering from nose acne goes on tormenting or some Good Samaritan advises on the curative effects of the holistic way of acne treatment.

Holistic way of nose acne treatment

The word holistic has been derived from ‘Whole’ which indicates that the treatment is not confined to the nose but involves the entire persona. The acne that has developed on the nose of the person is the after effect of many internal problems that include toxic buildup in the blood and lymphatic glands of the affected person. Moreover, the body’s natural cleansing organs like the kidneys, liver, colon and the skin have long lost their power to purge such toxic debris from the body as a result of which the body’s natural hormonal balance has been lost. The chain reaction then affects the oil producing sebaceous glands under the skin which starts producing too much oil that fails to come out of the hair follicles of the body and gets blocked. And the end result is the acne on the nose.

To cure the nose acne, the holistic treatment process tones up the liver and kidneys with the help of change of diet and if necessary, change of lifestyle. In place of a high calorie, meat protein enriched diet with plenty of alcohol; the patient consumes organic food in a measured way for sustenance. The result in restoring the body’s natural cleansing organs to do their duties which eventually clean the blood and the lymph of all toxic matters. The renewed blood then helps restore the hormonal balance that went awry and before long the sebaceous glands start behaving in the right fashion by producing that much oil which is necessary to keep the skin soft and pliable. No excess oil – no blockage – and no blockage mean no nose acne.

Nose Acne

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Nose Acne

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