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Olive Oil and Acne Link UNCOVERED

We all know that acne is caused by excess oil or sebum in the skin, yet we hear that there is a positive relationship between olive oil and acne. In other words, olive oil can help reduce acne break outs ! Can this really be true? Let us study it in detail.

Can Olive Oil Eradicate Root Causes of Acne?

We all know that oil is bad for acne , in fact anyone who has an oily skin will never even dream of putting oil on their face. And yet, there are people who have suffered from acne and now swear by the olive oil treatment. And the fact is it actually works to some extent at least with some people. It does not cure acne completely but using olive oil does not cause acne either. There are two major factors that work in favor of the olive oil and acne :

a)     Olive oil is rich in vitamins and natural anti oxidants. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent .

b)     Olive oil unlike other oils does not clog pores!

These two factors ensure that olive oil never leads to the formation of acne. It works as a moisturizer and brings a healthy natural glow to the skin while making it smooth and soft.

There are various ways you can use the olive oil on your face. You can use an olive oil based cleanser or a soap, but the best way is to use by rinsing it on the face. It does sound strange to use olive oil on the face and that too lots of it, but it does work. You need to take a lot of olive oil and rub it on your face and then rinse it thoroughly away with water. The oil is anyways good for the skin, and so it should help the skin in other ways too.

Is Olive Oil Treatment Effective?

Though olive oil and acne treatment works effectively for most people, but there are a few in whom the results have been just the opposite. There have been cases of acne breakouts after some people have started the acne olive oil treatment. Many have suffered from surface blemishes which have either with time disappeared or they have had to forgo the treatment. And so it can be safely stated that olive oil does give a beautiful glowing skin but whether it helps reduce acne is hard to say. The fact remains that the local application of anything, an ointment or oil, cannot completely cure a problem whose roots lie deep underneath.

Acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, toxic buildup and a genetic sensitivity of the sebum glands towards the hormonal imbalance. Thus just by rubbing in or by cleansing the face with olive oil you can't cure your acne. To cure your acne thoroughly and completely, you need to address the underlying issues and the root causes and deal with them. The holistic approach seems to be the most effective in this - by adopting a healthy lifestyle and opting for the right diet, right mind set, detoxification and by achieving the right hormonal balance, you can cure not only the existing acne, but also ensure that they never return. The holistic approach treats the body as a whole and this is why it is so much more effective than the olive oil and acne treatment.

Olive Oil And Acne

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Olive Oil And Acne

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