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Is Oregano Oil In Acne Or Pimples
An Effective Remedy?

Strange, though it may seem, we always look for remedies that already form part of our daily cuisine. When oregano oil in acne pimples works so well, we go for sulfur to cure acne. Or take the case of cumin seeds, that have excellent digestive properties to cure dyspepsia and heartburn is side tracked by artificial enzymes that are used for the same purpose. However, natural compounds always provide the best remedy since they have the potential for multiple uses. They prove powerful germicides on one hand, while working as forceful antioxidants on the other. Wild oregano is one such natural wonder that is extensively used by naturopaths for curing acne symptoms.

Oregano as a Cure

Wild oregano has been in use since time immemorial. As far back as 3000 BC, wild oregano was used by Babylonians for heart and lung problems, while the ancient Greeks knew its utility in healing wounds and treating venomous bites.

Reference about oregano oil is amply evident in treatise on herbal medicines dating back to 1600 AD where it had been described as highly effective in treating uterine tumors and female reproductive systems, apart from its legendary effect on liver and the pancreas. Why, even in 1633, William Langham, a renowned naturopath had mentioned in one of his medicinal books the wide-ranging uses of oregano oil for ailments as diverse as stomach ache, excessive menstrual bleeding, headache, skin irritations and intestinal worms.

What really happened was that the anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-parasitic and antioxidant properties of the oregano oil usually slowed down the degeneration of food when stored for long number of days.

The therapeutic value of oregano is immense due to its method of production which is free from any chemical or artificial agent. Besides, it is organically grown where no chemical or synthetic fertilizers are used. And the oil is extracted in a natural process from the leaves when the plant becomes rich in essential oils.

The Role of Oregano Oil in Acne Pimples

Mountain-grown oregano in its crude, wild form is enormously rich in flavonoids that provide natural antiseptic properties; carvacrols that contain strong anti-microbal activity and terpenes that are natural anti-inflammatory agents. No wonder that pure oregano oil can play an active role in suppressing the symptoms of acne to a great extent. Many believe that this is a natural cure that really works and so many acne sufferers try out the oregano oil treatment.

But the fact is, the oregano oil may not be everything you will ever need to get rid of acne. Though the symptoms of acne may be gone with the oregano oil, but the results may not be permanent. Absolute cure is possible only through a holistic approach. Unless the body's toxic elements are removed and the hormonal balance (that is the root causes of acne) restored, acne can never be eliminated for good. Holistic remedies treat acne from the inside and get rid of the root causes - and that is why such remedies are so successful.

Oregano Oil In Acne Pimples

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Oregano Oil In Acne Pimples

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