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Periostat Acne Medicine:
Can It Help Acne Or Worsen It?

If you are suffering from acne and your dermatologist has prescribed Periostat acne medicine and you have agreed to take it then you should really stop and read this article first. Many doctors prescribe periostat as an effective acne medication  but they fail to tell the patient about the side effects involved. And believe me there's a huge list of side effects along with a long list of don't if you are going to use this acne medicine.

Periostat and Acne Treatment

Let us first start with the don'ts and then we will move on to the side effects.

1.     Many medications and birth control pills can make periostat ineffective, so make sure to inform your doctor about any medication that you might be taking. Even natural home remedies can render it ineffectual.

2.      Don't take periostat if you are pregnant it can harm your baby. In the same way inform your doctor if you are breast feeding and ascertain that the medication won't harm your baby, as it can reach your baby through your milk.

3.      Don't take antacids or vitamin supplements just after taking periostat. They will reduce its effectiveness.

This was a very small list of don'ts; now let us move on to the list of side effects.

1.      Anxiety

2.      Breathlessness

3.      Bloated feeling

4.      Numbness in hand and feet

5.      Tiredness

6.      Dizziness

7.      Stomach ache

8.      Headaches

9.      Rashes

10.  Nausea

11.  Loss of appetite

12.  Dry skin

13.  Severe chest pain

14.  Pain while swallowing

15.  Consumption of periostat acne medicine can lead to gastrointestinal problems and also yeast infections.

Why is Periostat Ineffective Acne Treatment?

This was just a very small list of the side effects that can be cause by this acne medicine, so you decide if it is really worthy enough to opt for this medicine. Acne do cause a lot of trouble but do you really think it is worth enough to undergo such serious implications in order to cure your acne when you can permanently get rid of your acne without a single side effect.

More so periostat becomes ineffective after a while, as the bacteria get habituated to the medicine and they mutate in a stronger type which can resist this particular medication. So, Periostat as an acne medicine is also effective for only a short while.

The best way to cure acne completely and effectively is by adopting the holistic approach. Yes, this approach is much more effective than Periostat acne medicine. The conventional methods only address the symptoms thus fail to eliminate the root cause of acne. Whereas the holistic method takes care of the underlying root cause of the acne and eliminate them completely. The holistic approach is also devoid of any kind of side effects. Adopt the holistic approach and gift yourself the blemish free clear skin you always dreamt of.

Periostat Acne Medicine

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