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Pimples And Birth Control Pills:
Do They Have A Relation?

Pimples, especially acne pimples are caused by a multi-dimensional disease that requires both internal as well as external course of treatment. While external skin conditions are addressed by topical applications like acne creams, gels, lotions, etc for exfoliation and regeneration of facial tissue, the internal problem that is mostly caused due to excessive production of hormones called androgens may be treated with low doses of estrogen that is available in birth control pills. This is the precise relationship between pimples and birth control pills. But, as said earlier, the multi-dimensional malaise requires multi-dimensional treatments for a better cure where birth control pill alone may not be the right answer. Medic, therefore, are now more in favor of prescribing combination therapy for antibiotic-resistant acne that refuse to go away.

Hormonal Acne and Birth Control Pills

One of the commonest form of pill based combination therapy for hormonal acne consist of oral contraceptives with anti-androgen medications that inhibit androgen production in the ovaries and adrenal glands that put off obtainable androgen from producing unwarranted oil production in the sebaceous glands. Some high blood pressure medications with proven anti-androgenic properties have been found effective in tackling acne to a great extent. However, these are not always side effect-free and may produce menstrual irregularities, headache and fatigue. Being diuretic, some of these drugs may induce excessive urination but worst of all, they may cause feminization of male fetus and should therefore, be used with adequate caution.

Yet another formulation of combination therapy consists of birth control pill along with smaller doses of corticosteroids that restrain inflammation and suppress androgen production by the adrenal glands. However, with some acne sufferers, corticosteroids may produce just the opposite effect by aggravating the acne unless supplemented with oral contraceptives. In any case, the doctor is the best judge to prescribe the right combination therapy for the hormonally induced acne.

Apart from combination therapy, doctors have also found that low doses estrogen can also help restrain androgen production by the ovaries while newly formulated progestin agents are less androgenic than their earlier counterparts. There are a few side effects of pimples and birth control pills as some women may develop brownish spots on their skin that are caused by hyper-pigmentation.

Do Birth Control Pills Really Work?

In conclusion, it must be borne in mind that taking of birth control pills for acne is a personal as well as a medical issue. One should make herself aware of all the pros and cons of taking such a decision (pimples and birth control pills) since it involves side effects that may include moderate vaginal bleeding, fluid retention to some degree, skin patches, blood clots and even breast cancer. All things considered, it is probably a wise decision not to mix up pimples and birth control pills. The best alternative is holistic remedies that can treat all the root causes of acne and offer a permanent cure. Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and are really the best way forward.

Pimples And Birth Control Pills

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Pimples And Birth Control Pills

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