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What Are Pimples On Vagina?
Are They Any Different?

Pimples on the vagina are like just any other pimples but they are just based around the vagina.

Symptoms of pimples on the vagina. These vaginal pimples look like a cluster of fluid filled cysts that burst into sores causing a lot of pain. And these sores take several days to heal. Sometimes the patient may feel some pain while urinating and there might be some discharge from the vagina. Fever might also sometimes accompany these pimples.

Symptoms that generally accompany pimples on vagina are itching and a burning sensation and a sharp pain in the leg and the pelvic area. A person might keep having these pimples off and on for years.

Treatment For Pimples On The Vagina

Other than prescribing an antibacterial soap for keeping the area clean, your dermatologist will suggest you some lotions or creams that will help you take care of the itching as well as the pimple itself. But you should never try to "pop" it or try to cure it yourself. Remember, it can lead to infection.

Factors That Cause Pimples On Vagina

Three factors are responsible for causing any type of pimple or acne

·         Hormonal imbalance - When there is a hormonal imbalance the sebum glands start producing sebum or natural oil excessively.

·         Toxic build up - The toxins start building up in our body when the organs that are responsible for expelling these toxins from our body fail to do so.

·         A particular genetic sensitivity of the sebum glands towards the hormonal imbalance. Where this genetic sensitivity is present in the sebum glands only then does the sebum glands react to the hormonal imbalance and start producing excess sebum. And when this excess sebum combines with the toxins present in the blood and lymph the perfect environment for the acne bacteria is created and they start flourishing.

If you want to cure your pimples completely and permanently, you need to neutralize the internal factors that are causing the pimples on vagina or any other kind of pimple, and only then will you be able to cure the existing pimples and prevent future break outs as well. On the other hand, if you are just trying to get rid of the symptoms (which is what most conventional remedies do), then the pimples will keep coming back again and again. And pimples in your vagina will keep causing a lot of distress and pain.

The only permanent solution to pimples on vagina and every other type of acne is the holistic approach that addresses the underlying causes of acne and pimples and eliminates them completely. With the holistic approach, you can get rid of the acne quickly, safely and permanently. It is definitely the best treatment for pimples.

Pimples On Vagina

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Pimples On Vagina

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