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Prescription Acne Treatments
DON'T WORK: Here's Why

Prescription acne treatment means the use of various medications for curing acne skin condition. As there are several skin textures acne require to be cured by using many prescription medications and drugs. These prescription medications and drugs may contain peroxides that are useful for curing acne. These medications and drugs can actually cure blackheads, blemishes, zits and other skin disorders. However, the side effects of the prescription drugs and their short-term relief prove to be a bad bargain in the long run. Hence, before you make use of any prescription drug, try and understand all the risks involved.

What Are Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drugs contain retinoids that can treat acute acne conditions . These prescription drugs help your skin in keeping the pores clean and even prevents from breakouts of injurious acnes. But, some of the people consider taking antibiotics as the best prescription medication to cure acne condition.

However, it would not be fair to say that a particular prescription acne treatment a superficial treatments for acne condition. Prescription medicines are very expensive and do have strong side effects. Therefore, the use of such drugs should be avoided. 

Common Prescription Acne Medications

?       Benzac AC - It is an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal substance. This type of solution is said to be an effective cure for bacterial development, blackheads and whiteheads. It even helps to control the quantity of oil production in your skin. It is available in both the forms of gel and lotions. Side effects include skin irritation that causes unfavorable dryness, peeling and redness in your skin .

?       Erythromycine - It is said to be an oral medication that has huge acne fighting capability. There are many side effects of these medications. Hence, it is essential that you don't exceed the prescribed dose of the medication.

?       Accutane - It is widely recommended prescription acne treatment by most of the doctors. Normally, doctors prescribe accutane other than other type of medications, as it is very effective in treating acne. However, as it does not address the root cause, its efficiency is grossly limited.   

Efficiency of Prescription Medications and Drugs

Whenever a person has a sever acne condition then there are some prescription acne treatments which many be very effective in the short run, but which may turn the tables against your health in case of prolonged use. Prescription drugs are unable to cure the there main internal causes of acne namely hormonal imbalance, toxic build up and genetic sensitivity of sebum glands to hormonal imbalance. Therefore, they can only help reduce the symptoms and not the actual condition. Also there are many side effects of prescription drugs. From mild skin irritation to kidney damage, prescription drugs can cost you dearly in the long run.  Hence, rather than wasting your money, time and health on prescription acne treatment, you should make use of a holistic approach to help get rid of acne. Holistic approach is effective as it attacks the root cause of the problem. As it is natural, it causes no side effects. Therefore, when it comes to treating acne , there can be no alternative for holistic approach. 

Prescription Acne Treatment

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Prescription Acne Treatment

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