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Proactive Acne Solution:
Scam or The Real Deal?

Proactive acne solution is something that everybody is talking about these days. It is being promoted as a very effective way to control acne and related skin problems. Celebrities are endorsing the product by showering praises on its effectiveness in gifting a beautiful skin, free from blemishes and of course, acne . Everybody wishes to have a healthy and glowing skin. But in our eagerness to have it, we become particularly susceptible to believing all the tall claims.

What is Proactive Acne Solution ?

In our long fight against acne, we have witnessed many cures and remedies. From homegrown remedies to herbal solutions to a wide range of prescription medications - the array is mind-boggling. The Proactive acne solution (Proactive Skin Care Solution) is among the latest names to join the list.

Proactive offers not one, but several products. The Proactive Skin Care Solution comprises three main components - the Renewing Cleanser, the Revitalizing Toner and the Repairing Lotion. These 3 components together make up the Proactive Skin Care Solution, which collectively works against acne and related problems. The Renewing Cleanser is a unique, oil-free formula that exfoliates dead skin cells and heals blemishes . It contains the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide. The Revitalizing Toner removes dead skin cells. It helps to unplug pores, removes extra oil and due to its alcohol-free nature and also owing to the presence of skin-friendly botanical agents, refreshes the skin. It also improves the skin tone. And finally, the Repairing Lotion uses prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide (which has been finely milled) to remove blemishes. It is a light lotion and is free from oils.

The Proactive Skin Care Solution is suitable for daily use due to its inherent mildness. It works by gently cleaning and unplugging the clogged pores of the skin. It also contains ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to kill bacteria and also reduce inflammation. However, in spite of all these apparent benefits, the Proactive Skin Care Solution fails to address all the causes of acne. Acne is not caused by clogged pores alone. A lot of factors contribute to the appearance of acne (like hormonal misbalance, accumulation of toxins and genetic factors). The Proactive Skin Care Solution adopts a rather symptomatic approach towards curing acne. In other words, it works on the skin level rather than deep inside the body where the root of the problem lies. As a result, while a user may notice a reduction of some of the symptoms of acne, he will not be really cured. There will be a suppression of the symptoms. But the problem may resurface again.

Is Proactive Acne Treatment Effective?

Acne is caused by many factors such as an excess level of toxins in the blood, an overproducing sebum gland and even from factors such as stress. For the Proactive solution to work, it needed to take these causes and beat them. But it does not do this, and this is why the solution fails. So what does work? Let us find out.

Unleash the power of the holistic method instead and go for a complete, all round treatment. The holistic method employs natural (hence, completely free from adverse side-effects) yet very powerful remedies to tap the healing powers of the body and bring about a thorough cure from deep within. The holistic approach treats the body as a whole to identify all the causes and then treat them. The best thing is that it does all these at a fraction of the cost of other expensive methods such as the Proactive Skin Care Solution. Get cured now and stay away from acne for life. Use the holistic method to make your acne disappear for ever.

Proactive Acne Solution

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Proactive Acne Solution

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