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Propionibacterium Acnes: P Acne Bacteria Is Not The CAUSE of Acne

Propionibacterium acnes or more simply, P. acne as the causative agent of acne (acne vulgaris ) or pimples in human beings is an extremely common non-spore forming, gram-positive anaerobic rod that resides in pilosebaceous glands of the skin. Its clinical name has been derived from the fact that it can make propionic acid while it can also create catalase along with nitrate and indole.

How Does Propionibacterium Acne Work?

Now let us take a look into how it works. The bacteria liberates lipases in order to ingest some of skin oils (sebum) on which it thrives while the amalgamation of the digestive products and bacterial antigens  excite the formation of an forceful local inflammation that causes the hair follicle to burst. A pustule or a whitehead is formed on the skin at that stage. Studies have revealed that when a pore gets blocked, the anaerobic bacteria grows rapidly, secreting chemicals that breakdown the pore wall and spilling Staphylococcus aureus into the skin, thereby forming the often seen acne lesion.

Surprisingly enough, Propionibacterium acnes has also been linked with many other health conditions such as corneal ulcer, prosthetic devices and heart valves as also with central nervous system shunts. Propionibacterium acne Endocarditis, which is an uncommon heart disease, has recently been found out in a prosthetic valve that is infected with P. acne. Furthermore, Propionibacterium have been found in ventriculostomy insertion sites, and also in areas subcutaneous to suture sites in patients that have undergone craniotomy.

Can Propionibacterium Acnes be Removed?

Although Propionibacterium acnes may be suppressed by a host of antibiotics for the time being, it cannot be totally removed from the system in any form of therapy save and except through the holistic way of treatment involving thorough change of lifestyle, reactivation of the vital body organs like the liver, pancreas, kidney, colon and skin - the instruments of internal cleaning. Once the blood and lymphatic glands are relieved of their toxic contents, the body's own immunity system will help eradicate P. acne from the system for good. It is also good to know that conventional remedies and over the counter medicines often cause harmful side effects - and this is a worry too.

Although many believe that acne can be cured  with the elimination of Propionibacterium acnes from the system but the concept is much off the beam since acne is a multi-dimensional disease condition involving both internal and external factors. Yes, it can be quite complicated. And this is precisely why it is always a great idea to turn to holistic remedies when you are trying to get rid of acne. Remember, the holistic approach identifies all the internal causes of acne and treats them from the root, rather than just treating the symptoms of the problem. Naturally thus, it is so much more successful.

Propionibacterium Acnes

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Propionibacterium Acnes

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