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Retin-A Acne Treatment:
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Acne is a condition that affects a large section of the population all over the world and this has been happening for a long time now. It can happen in the teens and it can also happen when a person has moved out of the teens. It is therefore quite likely that you are one of the sufferers of this irritating and disfiguring disorder. What can you do to alleviate this problem? Dermatologists and chemists prescribe many different kinds of creams and drugs, all with their individual benefits and side effects, but today we will concentrate on discussing the Retin-A acne treatment .

What is Retin-A Treatment?

Retin-A is a derivative of Vitamin A and is the most commonly used treatment for tackling comedonal acne . Comedones are non-inflammatory skin blemishes which appear on the face or the body in areas that contain large quantities of sebaceous glands, such as the face, neck or hair and also the back and shoulders. Comedones appear in basically two forms - as a whitehead or a blackhead. Whiteheads form when the trapped sebum and bacteria are located below the surface of the skin. They are very small and may even be invisible to the naked eye. Blackheads, on the other hand, are more visible as they occur when the sebum, containing the skin pigment melanin, oxidizes and turns a black or brown color.

Retin-A is the most favored treatment for whiteheads and blackheads. The way it works is by increasing the turnover of skin cells thus ensuring that the plugged matter in the follicle is slowly squeezed out. However, the problem with Retin-A acne treatment is that the increase in the skin cell turnover will almost definitely cause flaking and irritation and this is why many people stop using Retin-A after a while because they reckon that it is not working. Retin-A acne treatment also often does not work because it cannot challenge all the causes of acne  such as increased sebum activity, the presence of toxins in the body and stress.

Drawbacks of Retin-A Treatment

If we have to project the factual position, we must tell you about the drawbacks of Retin-A acne treatment also. Apart from the temporary irritation and the redness caused by flaking which we mentioned above, it has been found to be unsuitable for women who are pregnant or nursing.  And then of course, we have heard from several people that Retin-A has proved ineffective as far as they are concerned.

Since Retin-A acne treatment could give rise to problems relating to side effects, our suggestion to you would be to try out the holistic treatment for fighting acne . The difference between the holistic form of treatment and the usual medical procedures is that while the latter deals with the short-term effect (targeting basically the symptoms), the holistic approach tries to get to the root of the problem. It sets right your internal condition that causes acne in the first place by a judicious mixture of repairing both the mind and the body. It tackles the underlying root causes of all diseases, including acne, and is the only way that you can cure your disease permanently.

Retin A Acne Treatment

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Retin A Acne Treatment

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