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How To Get Rid of Scalp Pimples Naturally and Permanently

Scalp pimples , also known as Acne Necrotica Miliaris that often form around hair follicles are pimples resembling acne. However they are different from those occurring on the face which is associated with sebum (oil) glands opening directly on the skin surface. With pimples on the scalp, the oil glands open into the hair follicles that get inflamed and itchy. Although what cause scalp pimples is still not very clear but clogged follicles, micro-organisms like yeast, mites or staphylococcus bacterium are usually linked with this mildly distressing malaise.

What Are Scalp Pimples?

Pimples in the scalp can vary in nature, resulting in small itchy pustules that are usually noticed while combing or brushing the hair - they may become infected if fortuitously opened up, causing complications later. However, on their own, scalp pimples do not cause any major stressful condition.

As for the treatment of such pimples, the affected area responds to a few application of Tar Shampoo (salicylic acid solution) while more severe infestations may need topical antibiotics or steroids for quick relief. However, compounds like Benzoyl Peroxide  should preferably be avoided because of its extremely harsh and dehydrating effect. You need also to know that many conventional remedies cause severe side effects. Apart from the external cleansing, some from of internal cleansing is also often prescribed by way of water or juice fasting. To get the desired result, one should eliminate all processed food, fast food, junk food as well as cocoa-buttered confectionaries and carbonated soft drinks. Similarly, all mucus or acid forming food items should also be proscribed. Instead, one may indulge in more wholesome and natural food items like nuts, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and fresh fruit juice.

What Causes Scalp Acne?

It would perhaps had been enough to draw a concluding line on managing Acne Necrotica Miliaris or scalp pimples at this stage but that would surely have deprived many from knowing the true cause of the disease condition and its natural cure through holistic way of treatment. Acne Necrotica is caused due to three primary reasons that include (a) Hormonal misbalance, (b) Toxic buildup within the body and (c) Sensitivity of the sebum or oil producing glands in the body.

As for the first issue, the hormones in our system communicate between the organs. Of these, the androgenic hormones (testosterone) control production of sebum that is responsible for keeping the skin moist and supple. However, a misbalanced testosterone will be unable to control the production, resulting in excess oil produced by the sebum glands, causing a blockage. The holistic way of managing the disease condition involves in correcting the misbalance through change of lifestyle, change of diet, etc, thereby ensuring appropriate production of sebum. 

Toxic buildup occurs within the body which accumulates within the blood stream and the lymph glands through consumption of fast food, junk food, mucus food (acidic), carbonated beverages, alcohol, etc. They remain stuck within the system as the body's cleansing organs that include the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and the skin fail to eradicate them. However, the holistic all natural therapy helps these vital body organs in releasing the toxins forever, leaving a much purer body to deal with Acne Necrotica  in a satisfactory way.

Treating the body as whole, holistic remedies fights all the causes that lead to the formation of scalp pimples. And when the causes are defeated from the inside, the pimples go away on their own, naturally.

Scalp Pimples

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Scalp Pimples

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