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Acne is a mortifying skin condition that can seriously test the patience of most individuals.  Besides damaging the innocence of your skin, some forms of severe acne can also add on to your woes by offering unbeatable resistance to conventional treatment options. However, before resigning yourself to the inevitable, you can take help of a few guidelines to treat this stubborn skin condition in the most effective way possible.  

Severe Acne Condition

Do you suffer from acne which causes cysts , scarring, and inflammation? Chances are that you might be suffering from a severe case of acne. You may also be surprised to know that there are different forms of acne. This is also the reason why no two cases are ever quite the same with regards to the symptoms and intensity. Some of the most damaging forms of acne include the following:

Acne fulminans: Acne fulminans causes inflammation and redness of skin. This condition can also lead to fever and joint pain. Acne fulminans can cause scarring and permanent damage to the skin if treatment is not taken immediately.

Acne Conglobata:  Acne Conglobata  can cause inflammation of skin, scarring, blackheads, deep abscesses and overall skin damage. Requiring intense treatment, acne conglobata does not respond well to conventional medicine.

3) Gram -negative folliculitis:  This severe form of acne is the direct fallout of antibiotic treatment. Basically Gram-negative folliculitis is caused by bacterial infection induced by antibiotic treatment. Hence, people who use antibiotics to treat acne may end up getting gram-negative folliculitis. 

4) Nodulocystic acne : Nodulocystic acne leads to the formation of ungainly cysts, which contain yellowish pus. These cysts are very large and may appear close together on the face. As this condition leads to scarring, some amount of damage to the skin is inevitable.

Causes of Severe Acne:

There are some people who always sport clear skins, and there are some who keep on getting acne despite taking all precautions in that direction. Blame this on the internal factors like hormonal imbalance; build up of toxins and genetic sensitivity to hormonal imbalance.  

Hormonal imbalance leads to excess secretion of oil by the sebum gland. This excess oil then combines with dead cells and debris leading to acne. Another cause of acne is toxic build up. Toxins enter our body through different sources like air, food, water and so on. These toxins may get combined with the excess of sebum produced by the oil glands. Because of this ideal condition, bacteria starts flourishing freely leading to acne. Primarily acne can also be caused due toe a genetic sensitivity to hormonal imbalance. This genetic sensitivity prompts the production of excess sebum and leads to the build up of toxins as well. This internal cause actually forms the root of the problem.

Unfortunately, Conventional medicine does not take these internal factors into consideration. The conventional drugs that are used to treat severe acne merely kill the acne bacteria and nothing more. These drugs cannot restore the hormonal imbalance nor can they clean your body from the toxins. In fact, this feat can be achieved only by holistic approach.

Holistic treatment is based on comprehensive action plan that takes into account all aspects of the person's life including his current physical health, emotional well-being and more.  Hence, holistic approach treats the individual as a whole in order to cure acne. Holistic approach is extremely effective at what it does as it eliminates the root cause of severe acne by cleaning the body from within. Therefore, rather than addressing the symptoms, holistic approach reaches the crux of the matter to free the person from the shackles of acne. As it remains undaunted with the stubborn skin disorder, holistic approach is the only treatment option that can cure acne at its severest best.

Severe Acne

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Severe Acne

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