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Got Severe Cystic Acne? Here's
How To Cure and Prevent It Now

Cystic acne is an infective type of acne in which the infection starts when the oil ducts get clogged with sebum and sundry cellular debris, eventually becoming contaminated and extremely painful to the touch. Severe cystic acne  can turn a person crazy, making him or her do things that were unimaginable earlier. Also known as nodulocystic acne, this relentless form of acne is primarily caused by overproduction of sebum and clogging of the hair follicle underneath the skin. However, acne cysts are not actual cysts in the very sense of the word, but are nodules of inflammation usually filled with white pus-like substances. Contrary to popular belief, cystic acne  is neither caused by lack of hygiene nor can be affected by it.

What is Cystic Acne?

Cystic acne can occur in the face, neck, chest, back and in rare cases, the upper arm. In one in a million cases, it affects the buttock causing severe punishment for the patient who can never sit down till the cystic acne goes away on its own.

Many people and medics treat cystic acne with antibiotics and other drugs along with topical astringents as early as possible since delayed treatment may result in deep scarring which even Fraxel Laser resurfacing cannot restore. But the problem is many of these medications often come with side effects, and that worst news is that, these side effects cause more harm than the acne itself. Also with conventional medications, the cure is not permanent because the approach here is just to treat the symptoms and not the real causes, and thus the acne often returns. These are the two major problems of conventional medications for acne.

Best Cystic Acne Treatment?

Though cystic acne scars on the face may respond well with appropriate treatment, but those on the body are more difficult to remove. Then there are macules or 'pseudo scar tissues' that form after the cysts have healed. Although they resemble actual cystic cane scars, they often go on their own after six months, leaving very little or no scarring.

Since there is no remedy for cystic acne  nor are there any preventive drugs for this distressing disease condition, a holistic approach towards the issue seems to be best solution. Though this may involve drastic change in diet as well change in lifestyle for the person, the end justifies the process with guaranteed relief from severe cystic acne. The holistic approach works better because it treats the body as a whole and tries to identify all the contributing factors (acne can happen due to many reasons) and then treat each one of them individually. The holistic approach is not only about medication, but it also shows a way of life and guides your eating habits too so that you can lead an acne free life . Severe cystic acne is sure to be treated with the holistic approach.

Severe Cystic Acne

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Severe Cystic Acne

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