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Spironolactone Cure For Hormone Related Acne: Effective?

Clinically speaking, Spironolactone and acne is an issue in which the drug can tackle only a single factor relating to acne and that too for women only. Thus it is evident that it will not work in all cases and for all. As we all know, there are three distinctive causes that are responsible for acne both in males and females.

They are (a) Hormonal misbalance, (b) Toxic buildup in the blood and lymphatic glands and (c) genetic factors relating to sensitivity of the sebum (oil producing) glands.

How Spironolactone is Effective in Acne

Spironolactone can effectively control the first factor which, of course is a key issue. Nevertheless, it does its job in a duel fashion. Primarily, Spironolactone blocks the androgen hormone receptors, thus decreasing the effect of the hormone on oil production which helps diminish acne formation in one hand while preventing further formation of androgen hormones in the body. Spironolactone and acne thus follow a one-way but fairly effectual therapy line.

However, the side effects of this high blood pressure reducing diuretic that also inhibits acne are many, and because of this, Spironolactone and acne are usually not bracketed together. Apart from causing menstrual irregularities and breast tenderness, the latent side effects of the drug includes sudden drop in blood pressure and rapid hike in blood potassium level.

But in some cases at least, Spironolactone can clear whiteheads, blackheads and oily skin if taken regularly. Though it cannot kill the bacteria, the drug effectively controls its growth by cutting off its nutrition by checking the sebum production on which the micro-organism thrives. Both blackheads and whiteheads will never develop when there is a reduced sebum output in the oil producing glands.

Side-Effects of Spironolactone

But the worst part of the whole story relates to its short-term therapeutic effect. It works alright as long as one continues taking the drug despite its far reaching side effects; but once taken off, the beneficial effects of Spironolactone wears off fast. Conversely, taking a holistic approach to the disease can guarantee lifelong fortification from acne. The holistic approach trains the body in all natural way by changing the diet and, if necessary changing the lifestyle, too.

What is more, the holistic way of acne treatment reaches the root of the disease, eliminating each factor methodically till the body is free of all acne causing factors. For example, it stabilizes the hormone imbalance by hitting at the factors that are responsible for this. Working scientifically, it helps the body's cleansing organs like the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs as well as the skin to purge out all the toxic buildups within them, purifying the blood and the lymphatic glands so that they may perform at their best. Free of toxins, the hormonal balance is once more restored to its original working state, which in turn controls the production of sebum to appropriate level. As for the sensitivity of the oil producing sebum glands, the same is regained automatically when all other factors are brought back to a healthy tune. And so, holistic remedies are much more effective than Spironolactone and acne conventional and over the counter remedies.

Spironolactone And Acne

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Spironolactone And Acne

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