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Squeezing pimples Can WORSEN
Your Acne Condition: Here's WHY

Acne is one of the perils of our growing up years. It has been a source of embarrassment and shame for many of us during our adolescent years. Often referred to informally as zits or pimples, acne emerges a serious impediment in our social activities. A bad case of acne can seriously jeopardize a night out with one's friends or a first date. Often the acne causes itch and at other times the person having them want to get rid of them himself and thus ends up squeezing pimples .

What Causes Acne?

Acne is caused among other factors, by disbalance in the hormone levels of the body. Disruptions in the hormone levels, especially the over-secretion of the sex hormones during our adolescent years, are one of the major causes of acne . However, as a person grows older, the hormonal balance gets restored naturally, and as a result, problems like acne also disappear. However, they sometimes persist and may well continue into adulthood.

More than a physical condition, acne often carries profound impact on the mind of a growing boy or girl. It often comes across as a source of social embarrassment and a reason to feel shy and defeated. In an age when looking beautiful and making an impression with members of the opposite sex are major concerns, the presence of acne can have a severe impact on the mind and psychology of the person.

So how does one get rid of acne? Well, there are plenty of medications available in the market to make them disappear. They require varying lengths of time to make the acne disappear, and in some unfortunate cases, may fail to do the trick, or at the most, do a half-hearted job of it. Squeezing the unsightly pimples out of existence feels like a natural urge at such times. However, squeezing pimples may not be such a bright idea after all.

Ill-Effects of Squeezing A Pimple

In our usual haste to get rid of the unsightly pimples, we often feel the urge to squeeze them in the hope of making them disappear fast. But such a practice often does more harm than good. Squeezing a pimple can cause the acne-causing bacteria  to spread faster and cause more pimples to appear. It can also leave behind unsightly scars and marks that will look even uglier than the pimples themselves. The best thing to do, most often, is to step away from that mirror and lay your hands off those pimples. A patient approach helps because if the pimples are not disturbed (such as by squeezing them), they tend to go away faster. Of course, the topical application anti-acne creams and ointments  may help expedite the process to a certain degree.

If squeezing pimples seems like the only option, one should take care to do it properly. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is very important. Squeezing pimples should be done slowly in a well-lit room, in front of a mirror. Extra care should be taken to ensure that you do absolutely nothing which might aggravate the condition.

The best way to fight acne (and certainly, way better than squeezing pimples) is to try the holistic approach. It is a completely natural curative process that heals from deep within to bring lasting results. It works by eliminating the real causes of acne and not just the symptoms (which is what conventional medications do).

Squeezing Pimples

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Squeezing Pimples

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