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Acne is a skin problem that can be controlled and even prevented if we are willing to adopt certain preventive measures. Most of us treat the visible and depressing symptoms of the skin and overlook the cause. But if we can identify and treat the cause, then we will never have any symptoms to deal with. We can then actually stop acne forever! We give you certain tips which, if followed assiduously, should ensure that the affliction does not hit you.

Acne Cures

The first suggestion we are going to give you is to drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Water hydrates the face and body and helps in flushing out excess oil which would have otherwise clogged the pores. It also removes all waste matter and toxins from the body.

Avoid stimulants like caffeine, soda/soft drinks, cigarettes and tea. They cause stress and stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil which block the skin's pores.

Stress triggers excessive secretion from the hormonal and adrenaline gland, activates the nervous system, increases the pulse rate and slowly shuts down the immune system. Reduce stress by modifying your attitude, food habits and sleep pattern. Positive approaches to life, adequate sleep of eight hours a night and a diet that is not high in refined carbohydrates and sugars should see you through the danger years unscathed.

What Causes Acne?

There are many who opt for many remedies and lifestyle changes in the hope that the acne will be gone. But this never happens - that is because acne is a medical condition the causes of which are all internal, and these medical condition needs to be treated. But here are some of the things people do in the hope that they will make a difference.

         Minimize the intake of alcohol because its diuretic properties cause dehydration of the body. This dehydration shrinks the pores and they become prone to clogging. Alcohol also disturbs the sleep pattern increasing fatigue and stress.

         Follow a strict cleanliness routine using an organic face wash for acne-free skin and a mild medicated soap if you have acne.

         Be careful to keep your linen clean. Dirty face towels and bed linen contain bacteria which can cause or worsen acne

         Don't put your hand to your face too often. Touching the face too frequently or touching it with dirty hands can increase acne.

         To stop acne forever , you will need to cut down on the use of cosmetics that have strong chemicals and use oil-free cosmetics as far as possible.

         Vitamin A, B5, E and minerals like zinc help in treating and stopping acne forever. Try taking in these on a regular basis.

However do keep in mind that taking vitamins and opting for external treatment for the symptoms will never cure the acne. Yes it may seem that the acne is gone, but this can only be temporary because the root causes of acne all remain. The real causes of acne are all internal and they are the build up of toxins within the body (when the body fails to eradicate the excess toxins), hormonal imbalance and excess production of oil by the sebum gland.

So you will need to take steps to cure the internal root causes of acne to stop acne forever. And in this, the holistic approach provides you the best results. You have to realize that the cause of acne stems from deep within your internal system and this approach is the only one which tackles this malaise from within. Vitamins  and external solutions can only give temporary results. On the other hand, the holistic approach calls for a permanent change in lifestyle and ensures, better than any other method that you remain acne free forever. It cures the problem from within and thus, the holistic approach is the only answer to stop acne forever.

Stop Acne Forever

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