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Does Sulfur and Acne Treatment
Have A Relation?

Alexander the Great used sulfur to treat his acne that troubled him most during his invasion of the Indian subcontinent and some of the Egyptian Pharaohs frequented Sulfur Springs for relief from severe acne. In fact, sulfur and acne treatment goes back several centuries in the past when other forms of acne treatment had not been invented. Why, even today, senior citizens often insist on using sulfur for treating acne, the other choices being resorcinol, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Yes, the advantages of sulfur are many.

How Does Sulphur Help in Acne?

Therapeutically speaking, sulfur contains keratolytic properties and is therefore an excellent exfoliating or peeling agent that is generally used when other medications do not produce the desired result in adult acne treatments. Thus it forms one of the principal ingredients in skin ointments and applications. Contrary to other topical acne medications that are supposed to be washed off after application, sulfur-based ointments are the 'leave-on' type, i.e. the ointment or gel is left on the skin till it is fully absorbed.

However, sulfur and acne may not be effective always. Sulfur is good for milder forms of acne, whiteheads or blackheads but has practically very little or no effect on severe or cystic acne. Also, one must consult the medic to find out what strength of sulfur based drugs is suitable for him or her. Of course, sulfur drugs having 10% or more of the ingredient are invariably prescription medications. For effective relief from mild form of acne, doctors usually prescribe sulfur drugs in combination with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid where each drug functions individually to tackle various aspects of this multi-dimensional ailment.

Despite all it curative properties, some sulfur based drugs like Sulfacetamide with sulfur - Topical crème have a few side effects that need immediate medical attention. This includes minor skin irritation, cracked skin or rash. Also observed are yellowing of the skin or corner of the eyes, darkish urine, unusual weakness, fever and in rare cases, allergic reaction. The symptoms of allergic reactions may include severe rash with itching, dizziness, puffiness and breathing problem. So this aspect needs to be kept in mind when you are considering sulfur and acne treatment.

Are Sulphur Medicines Safe in Acne?

Also, some of the precautionary measures associated with this type of drug warranty limited use by people with kidney problem or known allergy to sulfa drugs. It is especially perilous during pregnancy where the medication may pass into breast milk, causing breast-feeding rather hazardous. Care also needed during application so that it does not get into the eyes or inside the nose or mouth.

Thus, all things considered it is better not to opt for the sulfur and acne treatment. We suggest you opt for holistic remedies instead. Holistic remedies are not only safe, but they give quick results too. Holistic remedies can treat all the contributing factors that lead to acne formation, and once the root causes are gone, the acne naturally goes away. And thus, the results are permanent. Holistic remedies are the way to go when you are suffering from acne.

Sulfur And Acne

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Sulfur And Acne

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