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Types of acne: How To Cure
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The appearance of acne is often a traumatic experience for many people, especially teenagers and young adults. Though the problem of acne is common enough, it will be interesting for you to know that not all people having acne suffer from the same condition. This is because there are different types of acne , each with characteristics of their own. This understanding about the types of acne is very essential as it can help you find the treatment option, which is the most relevant one in your case.

Types of Acne - An Overview:

There are many types of acne, which range from mild acne forms to severe ones. However, some common types of acne include the following.

1.Acne Vulgaries: This is the most common type of acne. Acne vulgaries can be mild, moderate and even severe. There are different forms of acne vulgaries. A few of the include blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, pustules and more. Acne vulgaries can be disfiguring and may lead to scars. Hence, it should be appropriately treated.

2.Acne Rosacea : Rosacea mostly affects white skinned people and specially women. Rosacea may begin as a simple rash that slowly covers the entire face. It can be accompanied by bumps, blemishes and pimples. Untreated Rosacea can also lead to rhinophyma or growth of tissue.

3.Acne fulminans: This is a severe form of acne. This type of acne is very rare and it affects men more than women. Acne fulminans causes severe scarring and disfigurement . It can be accompanied with fever and may even lead to aching joints.

4.Acne Conglobata : Acne Conglobata is also considered to be a sever form of acne Vulgaries. Acne Conglobata causes large lesions and blackheads. It can appear anywhere on the body like face, chest, arms etc. it can lead to permanent scarring, if it is not treated on time.

5. Pyoderma Faciale: Pyoderma Faciale leads to large pustules, nodules, sores and general redness of skin. This type of acne is more common among younger women and is quite an embarrassing condition. It does not respond well to conventional treatment.

Cure For Acne

Besides the above types of acne, there are also many other forms of the condition. No matter which type of acne you have, it is extremely essential that you seek treatment at the earliest. However, conventional medication including over the counters and even laser therapy can prove to be ineffective against acne, as acne is symptom of some internal disturbances found in the body. Hence, treating exterior of the skin cannot cure acne at all. For getting rid of acne, you will instead need a truly holistic approach.

Holistic approach can effectively deal with any type of acne with the help of its comprehensive system. Holistic approach wipes out the root cause that leads to acne. Hence, it is the only treatment option that can cure this skin ailment in a long lasting manner. Unrestricted to few remedies, holistic approach instead encompasses all aspects of treatment including lifestyle factors that ultimately enables an individual to cope up with the condition at physical and emotional level. Hence, holistic approach remains undaunted by the types of acne and their varying levels of severity. Therefore, genuinely treating the different types of acne and their complications can be possible only with the help of holistic approach.

Types Of Acne

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Types Of Acne

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