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Can Zithromax WORK for Acne Vulgaris: Get The FACTS Here

Many people suffering from Acne vulgaris often resort to the use of conventional drugs like Zithromax to treat the condition.  Zithromax for acne vulgaris is available in the form of a pill and is sold in almost all medical stores throughout the world as a prescription drug. However, before you run to the local medical store to buy these pills, you should try and understand the properties of Zithromax, which in the long run may hinder rather than aid acne vulgaris treatment.

Properties of Zithromax

Zithromax is an antibiotic medication that is not restricted to the treatment of acne Vulgares alone. On the contrary, it is used in the treatment of different types of bacteria, ear infections and even sinusitis. This oral medication is prescribed widely to control the symptoms of acne Vulgares . However, very few people are aware of the side effects and limitations of Zithromax. Hence, before popping this pill, it is essential that you understand all the risks involved. 

Hormonal imbalance: Many oral medications designed to treat the symptoms of acne vulgaris can bring about hormonal imbalance as they often come under the oral contraceptive category. Thus, continuous use of antibiotics like Zithromax can cause many complications, especially in young girls.

Complications of long-term use: Long-term use of Zithromax can cause damage to liver, heart, kidney and other vital organs of the body. In some cases, addiction to this drug can lead to dependency problem as well. 

Overdose problems: An overdose of Zithromax can cause serious nausea, stomach disorders, digestion problems and more. In certain cases, overdose of this drug can also prove to be deadly.

Inappropriate for sensitive patients: This drug should be avoided at all costs by pregnant women. This is because Zithromax for acne vulgaris can seriously affect the health and well being of the mother and the unborn child during pregnancy.

The problem of relapse: Like all antibiotics, Zithromax only kills the acne bacteria . However as the external factors which give rise to acne remain untouched, the problem of acne is not wiped out completely. Also, if the bacteria in the intestine are killed by the antibiotics, it leads to other complications including candida yeast infection. Candida yeast infection disease can aggravate acne to quite an extent. Hence, rather than solving your acne problem, Zithromax can actually make it worse.    

Other Limitations of Zithromax:

There are also many other reasons why you should avoid taking help of conventional drugs to treat acne. For instance, Zithromax for acne vulgaris is an expensive medication. Hence very few people can continue with long-term treatment. Also, people who continue to depend on this drug for treating their acne end up following the wrong treatment options. Therefore, the false sense of security prolongs acne problem, which can be so easily solved with the help of realistic and genuine holistic treatment

Acne can be treated with an intelligent and multidimensional plan of action employed by holistic approach. Holistic approach is a natural and safe form of treatment that works to wipe out the external causes of acne. Once the external factors are addressed, acne can be eliminated for good.  Holistic approach is also effective, as unlike Zithromax for acne vulgaris, it does not restrict itself to merely the physical treatment of the patient. This approach can also teach you to deal with acne at an emotional level. Thus, in the end an emotionally strong person can win the battle against the cruel acne vulgaris with the help of the natural and scientific holistic approach.  

Zithromax Acne Vulgaris

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