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Acne and Contraceptives Link REVELAED

Women with an excessive secretion of the androgen hormone usually suffer from treatment-resistant acne. The extra androgen gears up the oil-producing glands which eventually results into the bilking breakouts. Since excess androgen in blood causes acne and contraceptivesare a combination of estrogen and progestin taken orally, the latter are often prescribed to cure hormonal acne. Low estrogen doses in the contraceptives suppress the androgen level secreted by the ovaries. But does that really work? Well you have to dig in deep to get the answer.

Acne and contraceptives: best treated in a holistic way

Although the anti-androgen drugs like Spironolactone are known to cure acne, you just cannot deny the side-effects that may be caused due to this high blood pressure medicine. Side effects like menstrual irregularities (in women who do not use oral contraceptives), breast tenderness are common along with fatigue and headache. Also frequent urination is an obvious side effect of this diuretic drug. Thus, contraceptives seem to be rather threatening than ailing to your body. Acne and contraceptives is both complex in their individual domains, acne having a whole lot of causes and contraceptives having a handful of side effects. Treating a complex condition like acne with such a one-dimensional approach is a sure shot failure. The one and only way to meet your acne challenge is the holistic way.

How to get rid of acne holistically?

To follow the holistic way of cure you must know the basic internal causes that trigger acne. Hormonal imbalance like excess secretion of androgen along with sebum secretion induces a genetic instability which results into the breakout but can be fixed permanently when treated from the core. A holistic approach treats the problem from its source, i.e.; helps neutralize the internal environment of your body to encourage proper hormonal secretion and thereby preventing external eruptions. Not only physiological, but a psychological well being is also considered to be equally important for proper hormonal balance in the body. Thus a calm and healthy mind is the desired fundamental for a healthy body free of acne and contraceptives are a strict no-no.

So don't waste your time, energy and of course, patience, fighting to get rid of your acne and contraceptives, you will just go haywire! Go holistic and relax! Boost up your self confidence which was lost in all that anguish. Yes, acne has that deadly effect of killing your morale which again aggravates the trouble. Treating acne in a holistic way also stresses on your diet which should include fresh fruits, rich in vitamin A, yellow-orange vegetables and fruits. A minimum of 4 quarts of water is recommended in order to flush out those toxins, the main culprit to cause acne. Thus the holistic way is the best ever way you can treat your acne as it considers the source and uproots the problem leaving you healthy and invigorated with an inner strength which no other drug can dare to claim!

acne and contraceptives

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acne and contraceptives

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