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Acne Messages: The Truth
Behind Your Acne

If you suffer from acne then you must have asked yourself, at least once, the eternal question: Why me? Why do I suffer from this horrible disease while others enjoy flawless skin? Am I cursed? Are they blessed? What's the truth behind my acne?

Well, for years I was asking the same disturbing and frustrating questions. The answers I got were very confusing and often contradicted each other. Some told me it was my diet. So I started eating right, but it didn't cure my acne. Others told me it was hygiene. So I washed my face 10 times a day. My acne got worse. Some told me it was hormones and it will pass as I grow up (of course it didn't) - I had acne for more than 13 years!

Only after more than 7 years of dedicated research, did I find an answer or shall I say THE answer that was not only the closest thing to the truth, this answer had literally paved the way to my acne free life. Knowledge is power; Information and wisdom can save a life. And it did. What I'm about to reveal here may sound simple, as great things often come in simple forms, but it's the truth. What I'm about to reveal is the truth, the only truth that will ever lead you to lasting clear skin, if you choose to apply it.

The truth is: Acne is not a disease; it's a symptom of a disease. Acne is a message from your body of something fundamentally WRONG inside. Each acne formation is a little messenger telling you, or more likely, shouting at you that something deep inside is in a state of imbalance and needs to be restored into natural balance. The truth is you are not different from people who don't have acne except for one little genetic tendency. That's all. This genetic tendency(a certain sensitivity of the sebum glands to hormonal imbalance) is what makes your acne form in the first place. This genetic tendency is what differentiate you from people with flawless skin (and it seems unfair I know), but this genetic tendency is the door in which your body manifests its messages.

Without this genetic tendency your body, could not have communicated with you in the form of acne and you should be thankful for it. Why? Because without acne, without this so-called disease, you wouldn't have known or even cared that something inside you is in fact in a state of imbalance, that something is wrong and you need to fix it.

Here's what happens if one ignores his or her acne: first your body sends you a ??small? relatively harmless message in the form of acne (whiteheads, blackheads) and when you fail to respond, or treat the symptoms instead of the disease (applying creams, or taking antibiotics), either your acne gets worse (now you have cysts), or the internal problem aggravates. Now instead of acne, you starts having nausea and constant headaches and if you ignore these messages, you may start feeling chest pains, heartburn and even? more dangerous? health problems all related to hormonal imbalance and toxic build up that you failed to address and fix in the first place.

I'm not trying to frighten you, but if you choose not to listen to your acne, you'll could experience more acne, more acne scars, hair loss, prostate problems and even cancer. The internal problem will increase, even if you somehow managed to temporarily clear your skin with benzoyl peroxide. Your internal problem stays and unless you treat it and treat it fast, it will aggravate.

But you're ironically lucky. Why? Because most people, who don't have acne, probably suffer from the same inner imbalance (because of poor lifestyle, diet etc.) only they will most likely ignore it, because their body doesn't communicate with them as it does with you.

So, you must be thankful for these messages your body sends you. You need every single one of them. Appreciate these messages and start fixing the internal problem causing your acne: your acne will disappear and you will save yourself from chronic future conditions, you might have experienced if you ignored your acne.

As there are many forms of acne there is also a variety of messages as to why you have acne, by tackling these reasons behind your messages (be that, hormonal imbalance, congested toxins, emotional stress, lack of sleep, food allergies or poor diet), your 'acne environment' will be neutralized and you'll become much more healthy, vigor and self-aware.

To tackle acne from the inside out, by listening to your acne messages, you must first understand what's causing your acne in the first place. Knowing the real cause of acne is the first and most important step towards curing the root cause of acne and opening the door to an acne free life.

Acne Messages

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Acne Messages

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